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  1. Hi TennTenn, I have Type V skin (dark brown and I tan at the drop of a hat), and I have had 3 fraxels with high settings. Last one was 14 passes at 25-30 (125.) I have hyp0pigmentation that only became apparent after my last fraxel. I freaked out at first, but then I realized something. the hyp0pigmented skin, which is really just 4 small spots is the same color as the skin on my body (ie. unexposed skin) so I;ve been using a cotton bud to apply depig lotion around that area in hopes that
  2. M-mite


    before and after second fraxel
  3. Hi all! Its been awhile since i posted on here and I havent really been able to read up on the thread. But i hope you all are well and that you're fraxel treatements and healing is going well. I did manage to perve on billyboys pics and you look amazing might i add!! its been over a month since my last fraxel. I have 3 spots of hypOpigmentation need to figure out how to treat this. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I'm amazed that you guys can assess your improvement and translate in
  4. Hi guys just an update. I had my second fraxel at 20 and had 12 passes, last month. Just went in for my 3rd fraxel. This time it was aggressive again 14 passes at energy levels 25-30. Shall keep you posted on how im going. love, M
  5. This TOPIC SUCKS!!! Not true. You can improve scars and maybe even eliminate them. There are plenty of things that work out there. stop being so damn negative and killing the little hope that the rest of us have!! PLease guys dont listen!! Just look at Gumby and denise and the others that have improved their scars
  6. Hi maguy, Now that your face is fully healed, how would you rate the improvement on your scars? What type of scars did you have? And also how many fraxels and at what settings? Thanks M
  7. This is a great idea. Thanks Narcisses. I had my first fraxel done by Dr.Cynthia Weinstein done almost a month ago. I had 14 passes done with levels between 20 and 30!! Very agressive for the first time. I had numbing injections all over my face so didnt feel too much just occasionally when she got to near the side burns. Still peeling and slighltly pink. Shall post more after my second. Love M
  8. I dont think microderm is going to help eliminate you INDENTED scarring.
  9. Cameron I'm sorry to hear that. And yes two months is a LONG ARSED wait....but they do say full results are only noticeable 6 months after the last treatment. Not to give you false hope or anything just thort i might add that. I too would expect by this time you would have seen something. *confused* I really hop and pray things improve. Just wanted to add that I'm dealing with pitted scarring. I'm not too sure if that box or rolling scar if its a whole category of its own. If anybody knows let
  10. Billyboy- thanks. Im not too sure about bronzing with followup treatments. but just a suggestion perhaps you mite try taking supplements that help stimulate collagen growth. Therz plenty of info in the pinned section of this form. Blaster- Tell me abt it. I was shocked! Now i understand why i looked so scary in the mirror. It was pretty shocking. Here is an outline of how my recovery went Day1- swollen Day2 - swollen, getting bronze day 3- Very brown day4 - flaking, under the flaking very red
  11. Hi all! I had gotten my settings from my first fraxel all wrong. I didnt have it done at 18-20 mj as i thought. I had it between 20 and 30!!! SHOCK HORROR!!. Needless to say when i found out i nearly fell out of my chair! And it was 14 passes. ITs been 3 weeks since my first fraxel and im still peeling quite badly. I'm not too sure if swelling is still present. Still fairly pink. Not makinga judgement on scars yet. Not till after the 4th or 5th week. Well guys plz keep posting. ANd also do y
  12. It feels very rough. ITs been 2 weeks since my first fraxel. It was fairly rough for most of that, almost scaly, dry and cosntantly peeling. Peeling is almost minimal still red in the face. But my skin feels soft once again. Scars have not reappeared yet, this is attribute to microswelling. Shall see where I'm at in another 2 weeks.
  13. I was shit scared. But my doctor gave me heaps of injections of anestethic so i didnt feel anything. My face was super swollen afterwards. The downtime is a BIATCH in my opinion, but if it helps me improve my scars... I"m down for it. If pain is a major concern, ur doctor should be able to inject you with local anaesthetic.
  14. Hey there, There are a few people on the fraxel laser thread that have darker skin types. Myself included. I have only had one fraxel and was given a depigmentation lotion. Other accounts of darker skinned fraxelers have not mentioned any pigmentation problems so far. But yea have a look at that thread. 63 pages but very useful
  15. Susan, I would love to do it your way. That way you can work out if there are any nasty side effects on your skin etc. However with just one, you woudlnt see much improvement. I am going to try 3 or 4. Give it a rest and then try some later. The recovery time was longer than i expected. Dont know if you've answered this before. But how come you're trying different lasers?