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  1. not really ... i think you are :) you have really nice features. but thanks anyway. that was really nice of you to say.

  2. oh my gosh! i luv ur pic. ur sooo pretty.

  3. Take vitamin A, vitamin C, and fish oil daily. You won't get instant results, but you will probably notice some improvement in about a month. About 3 months ago, my dentist told me to take that combination of supplements to treat my gums. They were swollen & receding (not a pretty picture). After about 2 weeks, I noticed that the inflammation had gone down. I suppose that the vitamins & fish oil had the same benefits for my skin. About a month later, I was shocked to discover that my
  4. i'm CuBaN!!!!! it sucks because both my parents have great skin. Damn why did i have to get acne? i feel ugly sometimes
  5. I didn't really like it. The stuff is hard to blend. No matter how much I tried, it always "streaked." It never broke me out. I think that a good alternative is the Almay Nearly Naked Makeup. It gives better coverage (its also kinda sheer, but still covers minor imperfections well) & its WAY EASIER to blend. TRY IT!
  6. I would suggest going to see a dermatologist. I went the other day. I got a facial & she gave me cortisone injections (totally flattened out a few bumps I had). My skin looks awesome right now. It was pretty red at first, but the next day it looked great!
  7. Wow this sounds exciting! Can they hurry up & get it out already?
  8. I was wondering if anyone here has used accutane to treat mild/moderate acne. & what their experience was like. My skin is pretty much clear right now, but I still get some pimples during that time of the month. & honestly I'm getting sick of it. I also tend to breakout on my chest & back, which has never happened before so i'm really upset.
  9. Yeah I've done it. I've skipped job interviews, classes, parties, trips to the mall. blah blah blah. thank goodness my skin is better now. But whenever I get a big zit that icky feeling comes back & I get all depressed again. Like I don't want to do anything accept get on acne.org .
  10. Damn h0ney! I wuz lookin @ ur picture & I think ur cute. Like there's nothing wrong with you. I saw a few breakouts, but I was like damn this kid looks good. I don't think you should feel bad about yourself at all. I know this guy who has pretty bad acne, but he's mad cool & everyone loves him. He's really popular. U gotta chill with that. Like just be happy. Cuz getting upset about stuff really does make your skin worse. Trust me I know. Alright, feel better & good luck2 u !!!
  11. i like your profile name. it's so cute.

  12. awww. Thanx!!! lol. Ur a Shakira fan? I love her.

  13. I <3 ur user name! :) x

  14. Tanning will damage your skin & actually make you more acne prone. Trust me I know. I went tanning last year & that's when my skin started to get pretty bad. I even started to breakout on my arms! The same thing happened to one of my friends. Her skin was crystal clear! After she started tanning, she would get big zits. Keep in mind that acne can take up to 2 weeks to pop up.so when you go tanning, you're not going to see the damage right away. I suggest you stop going tanning & may
  15. I was looking @ that in Rite Aid the other day. I was tempted to try it, but I'm so used to liquid foundations. I've tried using powder, but I just can't get used to it.