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  1. My derm told me it's a long process no matter what. If you've seen improvement, don't worry. It sounds like you've got the right attitude about this - just stick it out! All you can really do is wear sunscreen every day and be patient.
  2. hmmm. i feel okay! starting 3rd month of accutane, and i'm really starting to clear up. acne is mentally/emotionally painful, but it can also be physically painful - it hurts less and less to wash my face. i'm also thinking about not wearing makeup anymore, but that's such a big step. very few people have ever seen me without makeup. maybe someday soon.
  3. this one... cyst? thing? on my cheek just seems to be getting bigger and bigger. it suuuuuucks. can't wait for this to be a thing of the past.
  4. hey darlin. i can so relate to what you're saying - i was scouted, invited to paris, etc. etc. and i was like.... uuugggghhhhh. because polaroids are standard for models, and no makeup is standard for polaroids. i ended up not pursuing it, and i super regret it! anyway. i totally understand feeling like your skin is holding you back. that said, you are not the only beautiful young woman in the world with acne scarring. plenty of models have struggled with acne while maintaining very success
  5. Arghhh. On my second month of Accutane, and oh my goodness.... Things got so much better in the first three weeks. I had these big puffy painful ones that just deflated like balloons, and everything was lovely and wonderful and great. But then they like, reinflated around my time of the month. I'm grateful that there's mounting evidence that this is a hormonal issue - at least I have a root cause to address. I would just try my best to be patient, but I'm going to visit one of my sibling
  6. I would check out mineral makeup! I have pretty bad acne/pigmentation on my cheeks but I'm clear everywhere else, and I find it's light enough that my nice skin shines through but buildable enough that I don't need to use concealer. A caveat - I go to a local shop that specializes in making this kind of makeup (Elea Blake Cosmetics, if you care to Google). Their product is truly excellent. Can't speak for any other brands, but I would think any finely milled mineral makeup that matches y
  7. What my derm told me - it's the most effective treatment, plain and simple. You can spend years on topical treatments, oral antibiotics, etc. and not see consistent results, but the vast majority of Accutane patients see significant improvement, and the majority see permanent improvement. (Not to say plenty of people don't improve with the former, but some people don't.) Fun fact - Emma Stone and Caroline Trentini are former Accutane patients! There are serious possible side effects, but look at
  8. That sounds exactly like what I'm looking for actually. So does that mean I can start at 40 mg / day no problem, or should I slowly increase the dosage? (20mg for some weeks, then 30, then 40 etc) You are taking a huge risk by starting accutane just to be clear for a formal occasion. Many people have an initial breakout that can last for a week to two weeks, and there is no saying if this flare-up will happen to you at the 1 week mark or the three week mark (mine happened at the 4 week mark, a
  9. "What a lovely complexion!" To this day, I'm not sure what she meant, but it really stuck with me - thank you, nurse! And sympathy (not pity) is always appreciated. This morning a coworker was telling me about dealing with psoriasis, and how hard that was. It was very kind.
  10. Not so great Yesterday I caught a glance of myself in a mirror before lunch with coworkers. Really brought me down. Started the day talking to a coworker about being on Accutane - she was so kind, but it still left me feeling raw. That afternoon I was introduced to people, then yelled at. Both seemed so much worse because of my skin. I feel like my acne has gotten so bad. It's nothing I can hide with makeup anymore. It's obvious, and distracting. I'm only just now facing it, re
  11. Try it and see if it works for you - Personally, absolute best liquid foundation I ever used. Made my skin look perfect, never caused any problems.
  12. Watching a video of myself being interviewed, and seeing how bad my skin was, objectively. First time seeing a derm, them immediately saying - "Yep, that's really bad. Probably the worst of anyone you know. Not normal." (Forever grateful to him for putting me on Accutane, but I burst into tears.) Running into an old friend and knowing they could see how much worse it had gotten.
  13. Hey OP, Unfortunately, from personal experience and reading lots of other people's logs, I don't really think that's how it works. My personal experience so far has been that my skin dramatically improved in less than a month at 40 mg a day, but even then, it's not a miracle drug. It won't magically make your skin beautiful. All it can do is treat current breakouts and prevent new ones. The sooner you start Accutane, the sooner you'll be clear, so I'd go for it anyway.
  14. Thanks for the reply, megtree! Everything you said makes a lot of sense. I was prescribed a couple of antibiotics, something for inflammation, and an inhaler. I'm getting better, thank goodness, but I do have some thoughts on isotretinoin and sickness now that this whole ordeal is over. First and foremost - WATER. Staying hydrated is so important for overall health, and Accutane makes that such a challenge. So that will make any sickness suck even more. Second - yeah, doctors aren't all exp
  15. I have "Obamacare" and my prescription is $5 a month, no matter what the dosage. Not sure about private plans.