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  2. Day 65 Today is like yesterday. everything about it. I shaved this morning and my skin feels nice and smooth. Its also nice and soft. Got no newbies today. Just have a few old ones healing. Other than that im ok. Im going out tonight and i dont have to worry about huge things on my face. Yay! Hope i can get some cetaphil today. Its nice stuff. What can i tell you guys. Hmmm, nothing much. My life is on hold at the moment. Im waiting for better days. TheY are coming. Hopefully next week or so.
  3. hey you This is my first time posting in ur log. Looks like the dry peeling fase is over. Its the worst, i know! After 3 months, you will not even think of the IB you had because you will be so excited because ur skin is clearing. Thats how i feel now. Honnestly, dont care what people think, or say now because they are going to have to eat their words cos ull have better skin then them soon. HE HE! After 1 month, things start happening so fast.Its awsome. Atleast you never had to shave through
  4. Im in my 2 month now, and i have been drinking socially. Have 4 beers or so.. Nothing has happened to me. I feel great, no difference. My skin is clearing and my doc said 2 or 3 glasses of wine is ok. Ans one glass of wine = 2 beers or something like that.. I honnestly dont think that its a prob, while ur on or off accutane, for one to drink. Just dont over indulge profusely, or in consecutive days. Julian
  5. day 64 Hey everyone. Hope you all dong well. Im doing better. My skin is clearing up nicely. YAY! Still needs work though. No blackheads really, no white heads, just a few bumps here and there. My lips are dry today, really dry. No headaches, or anything like that. Just tired hey. I fall asleep so easily at night. I love it. I dont worry myself sick anymore about little things. I think i just might have an anxiety dissorder. Jokes hey Well, nothing much to say really. Im at work, bored out of
  6. Nice dude. I look too you as an role model! I want to feel the same as you. I cant wait. Its going to be great. To have a great comlexion is what i want!!! the complexion is awsome! Atleast your girl stuck with u throughtout the course of acutane! Chow dude
  7. Man, the whole alchol thing and accutane is bullshit. I drink reguallarly, like a social drinker should.. From beers, to whisky, to vodka, whatever, and not a prob with acutane.. My skin is clearing, i feel great, nothing in my body pains and a drink like a fish! Its not an anti-biotic so, i dont see how it should affect one if the pop a few beers. Dont get so messed up though. Drink, have fun, no worries man! My doc said a glass of wine or 3 is ok. Mybe a few beers too wont hurt, so there u hav
  8. I JUST SAW THE PRICE OF ACUTANE IN AMERICA. IT IS INSANE. Our south African currency is the Rand ok. 7 Dollars = 1 rand. So for Acutane in america its about 700 doallars a month for the drug. In Southern Africa its only 500 rand... How do u guys afford it!! i would be paying R4200.00 if one converts rands into dollars. that is the maddest thing i have ever seen. I pay 500 rand, while u guys pay 4200 rand. SHAME!! and i dont have insurance either
  9. DAY 63 If u actually think about it, 63 days is long. Hmmmm! Well forgott to take my fix this morning. So ill have to pop 40mg Acutane tonight. I think things are improving. They might just be staying the same. Got about 3 newbies. Very small, not worth talking about. I hate the flushing though. My face seems burnt, but its ok. Hve to deal with it. Went out on monday night. Didnt really enjoy myself, even though there was tons of tallent and it was packed. Suppose i am missing her. Sigh! I wa
  10. hey you Your skin looks absolutely beautifull. Its amazing. I am so jellous! I think that this drug is an award winning, noble prize collecting savior from god. I LOVE IT. yOU LOOK STUNNING, AND IM NOT TALKING BOUT YOUR DRESS. The skin you wearing is flawless.. Anyways, u r beautiful! Julian
  11. Hey dude Im so glad that my advice helped ya shave. It works wonders hey.. Im impressed with your log. Kaapstad is cape town in english and sorry dude, no germans there. Its afrikaans, a language we speak. Simular to german, but not really. Your skin must be so nice now. Im also just starting to see good results. Sure man
  12. day 62 and im sure of this date.. Time for a proper update. Start off with the skin. For two days now my skin has been healing so nicely. No new pimples, and no excessive drying or peeling, just a sunburnt look. Thats ok, i can handle it. Today was the first day in a very long time, that i could actually shave without any worries of niking one of those little bastards. Im so chuffed about that. I have a few scabs that need to heal 100% and there is still some healing that needs to be done to im
  13. hey everyone Its been ages. Im so sorry but my damn internet is offline. So i post when i can. All i can say is that things have been going slowly in the heartache aituation.. Still pretty messed up, but defenetly getting better. She wants me back, but i could never go back to her. I would be a fool. Anyways, my self confidence is getting stronger and stronger everyday because i am CLEAR!!!! Surprise. For the last two days my skin has been perfectly clear and soft and amazing... WOW! ITS NOW MO
  14. hey u have not got a noobie in a few days. Perhaps this is the most awsome part where ur skin become amazing. Im jellous dude. Im curious to know how bad ur skin was in the beggining. Check out my log sometime brother Julz