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  1. thats gross dood! I'd see a doctor if i were you! I'd be grossedout to! Sorry!
  2. i see! just i know that roids for medical conditions can do that too! he got the muscle, but now has to hide them! Poor guy! what can you do?!
  3. ok, did i miss something here, did you take roids that weren't prescribed? or were they prescribed for somtink?? thats some freaky shit! My new man had it bad like that when he was young, hes quite lucky tho and the scarring was limited to his back mainly! Just look after it dood! Love the skin your in, and it will give back!
  4. this is my first time in this particular forum, some of the guys in the lounge recommended it. now i see y! i'm going through an emotional crisis. its the end product of years of bottling up how i feel, counter productive coping mechanisms, like someone else said, i've used alcohol and drugs as an escapism to hide my problems. it doesn't work. i've looked to men to build my self esteem, having meaningless one night stands, that doesn't work either, it just devalues you as a person. i feel
  5. well, my skin is always better in the summer time, it is a lot less greasy! which is always a good thing! and i like to get a tan, but the whole skin cancer thing, its not really worth the risk! if i'm feeling particularly blue in the winter months, i will go on the sun beds for a few minutes! just for a pick me up, but i havent done for ages! but yeah, i know where you are coming from! kitty
  6. I would have called myself kitty, but it was taken apparantly! But thats me, kiity! Meow!
  7. can anyone help, i wanted to try this mask but don't know where to find it! Any clues you brits? Boots? Chemist? where? kiss kiss xx
  8. Wel rlush mine got infected so it was an abcess, but i work in the profession, so knew what to expect! Depends where the cyst is to what sort of treatment you have. if its on your face, they would normally refer you to a plastic surgeon, unless of course they have experiecne themselves. normally it involves o local anaesthetic, which stings like buggery, like going to the dentist! but then you don't feel a thing, they just cut around the cyst capsule and put a couple of stitches in! job done!
  9. My cyst was on the side of my face, just above my jaw, i don't get spots there really, so i thought it was really noticeable. after i had had it for about six months i went to the doctor and she said just leave it. when i went home and people asked after where i'd been, i toild them to get my cyst looked at, and they were like what cyst? they hadn't really noticed it, and if they had it was insignificant to them! So, as for this date, just make sure you press your clothes, and she won't even not
  10. good job! But like i said, watch it for signs of infection, u don't want to have an op to remove it not nice! never used differen, let me know how that works out! tootie x
  11. Ok, honest opinion, i think you look fine! You are young, healthy, you look like you keep yourself pretty fit! I wouldn't worry! If you feel that you are goofy, or lanky or whatever people say about you, justy remember that you are young, and still have a lot of changes to go through before you become the a man! As for your skin tone, just read some of the stuff on this site, you will no longer feel alone! lol k
  12. [ My doctor always told me "give up smoking, thats the best thing you can do for your skin! " However, i gave up for like a whole year, and my skin didn't get any better, I now only smoke occasionly, when i'm drunk mostly! And it has no effect on skin! Some people might find a benefit in stopping cigs and alcohol, but i haven't! I'm hoping this regime will work! One thing to note is smoking does slow the healing process, and excessive alcohol is bad for your skin in the lond term! lol to