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  1. Very good to know. Thank you. That being said, what are the negatives with overdrying your face with soap/cleanser? Is it just the uncomfortable irritation?
  2. Can you sort of unpack why this is so?
  3. FEI: I use Cetaphil bar as cleanser, BP gel, and Eucerin. I do that morning and before bed. Thanks for the suggestion, Pag!
  4. Thanks. I was first using the Eucerin mentioned in the Regimen, now I'm using the same thing just 30 SPF (that is what the store had at the time). I guess I'm alright then.
  5. I work in an air conditioned office all day but on my lunch break I'll sometimes get in my car and leave work. The problem is that for some reason my head, particularly my face heats up like crazy in the warm sun. It's like a I sweat oil. I know there are sweat glands and sebaceous glands but my face just gets the coating like crazy as soon as it's out there. I come in and cool off and my face feels like it has a coating. I've been doing the Regimen for a while now and it is working. My fa
  6. I have a redish scar on my forehead from falling on cement last month. It's still visible and I'm not sure what would be the best to either reduce the redness / prevent permanent scarring / or just make this thing go away. I first used Neosporin and my relatives said cocoa butter so I'm using that now. Now that I've read that cocoa butter is essentially unaffective on scars I won't use it anymore. Should I go back to Neosporin or is there another OTC treatment for this?