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  1. Is there any side effects in taking B5 for a long period of time? I have been taking for 6 months already. After the second month my skin was a lot clearer. Nowadays I have just like a couple of pimples each week, and they usually don't last as long as in the past. I have been taking 10g a days. I am just afraid of stop taking it and start getting a lot fo pimples again. Let me know if it's ok to keep taking it? Maybe I can just take a lower dose? Thanks
  2. How much does testosterone affect Acne? When you work out a lot there is a tendency to produce more testosterone. Will that affect Acne? Thanks
  3. What I am worried is that by cutting all those foods from diet, I will be in the future even more susceptive to get acne because of stuff I eat. So, I am afraid that in the future if I ignore the diet and eat some pizzas, chocolate, etc.. will actually me more harmful than it used to be. And I know that for holidays I am going back home and I don't care, I will just eat anything that crosses my sight.
  4. Food has no affect on Acne. But makes your skin more oily, and oily skin affects acne. I know by experience. If I eat today a big bar of chocolate. Tomorrow will have at bunch of new pimples. I know!
  5. I have a mild situation, but didn't see big improvements for this last month that I've been on the regimen. I am slo taking vitamins and herbs. That's all I have been doing: - Wash, BP and moisterizer 2 times daily - B5 - 10g a day - Dandelion - Milk Thistle - Vitamin C - Zinc - More Vegetables - A lot of water - No coffe - No Pizza - No milk - almost no red meat I still get new pimples. And some of my old ones are still there. Some have been there for at least 3 months. Any
  6. I dont really need. I was just curious if it would be more effective. Thanks
  7. I know the regimen says to do the BP in the morning and at night. But, if I have the time to do 1 times in the afternoon too, will it help more or actually won't make much difference? Thanks
  8. Have you tried Swanson? Did u fell results? A guy on other forum, told me that most are cheap quality brands, and that's why he buys somewhere else, even paying more for it. http://curezone.com/forums/m.asp?f=155&i=952 How soon can I expect results? I've been under GNC b5 for 10 days and I don't see any results at all. Thanks
  9. Actually, I just found it and ordered at http://www.swansonvitamins.com 500 caps of 500mg about $15
  10. Actually, I just found it and ordered at http://www.swansonvitamins.com 500 caps of 500mg about $15
  11. I've been buying B5 at GNC in caps of 500mg. So, I have to take about 18 caps a day and the whole bottle is over in A WEEK! Each bottle is $10. I don't want to spend $120 for 3 months of B5. Is there anywhere cheaper that I can order the vitamin????? Thanks a lot,
  12. GNC has it. They have in 250mg and 500mg. That's what I've been taking. The problem is that I have to take 18 caps a day, and a whole bottle goes in a week. I need to find a cheaper place to order my b5. Any ideas? Thanks
  13. 3 weeks? Shouldn't the pimples heal in 3 weeks anyway, despite doing the regimen or not?