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  1. Age: 23 Time with acne: About 10 years Best thing you've found for acne: Accutane!! Location: Durham Job/studying: Work in manufacturing, thinking of joining the RAF and really want to study something to help me with a long term career but i havent a clue what yet. Turned down uni the last 2 years casue i think im too ol for it Hobbies: DJ'ing, Football, Sleeping, Going out with mates - sleeping off hangovers... and the net One word to describe you (and it can't be spotty, acne prone, shiny
  2. thanks for the info dougefresh and atreyu. Its a great help. i was taking it all at once and it was horrid ill try spreading it over the day. @brioni. Its the same one i have from golds, be warned its disgusting and personally i would not be taking it now if i could get my £15 back for the stuff.... but seen as i cant im gonna run it with retin-a and limecycline and see how it goes
  3. well ive just got my vitamin B today. Its 300mg pantothenic acid (thats whats on the tub lol) in powder form. Im told 10g a day is correct which is like 3 teaspoons (approx). Do you take these all at once or spread them out. I took mine all this morning and god the stuff is DISGUSTING - made me wanna throw up and that was washing it down with diluted juice.. Can someone please tell me if its ok to mix this stuff in with a drink, ie a milkshake or something cause i dont think i can take this e
  4. yeah i would like to know this aswell since i used to go on the sunbeds to hide the marks a little. However ive stopped since i read on here it would be worse for me in the long run
  5. yeah im in the uk. Thanks for the info. does that one still include the aha??
  6. that anyone here uses?? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Eucerin-Extremely-Dr...1QQcmdZViewItem I know a few in the uk use euricin skin renewal with aha and i was wondering if this is it as i want some.. or does anyone know where i can get the stuff if this isnt it. Thanks
  7. will do thanks. Just hope this stuff works
  8. Thanks for the helpful replies. @ItalHawk87 i have just bought 3 tubes of Neutrogena On-the-Spot to try out as i live in the uk its easier for me to get and Dan's states he found it pretty good. Can you recommend a moisturiser with AHA in? dont know much about what should be in and not in the mosturiser lol (new to the regime!!). people say it should be alcohol and fragarance free also. dont know if thats true or not... @Brandy I waited 3 month to see the derm and they had me in the room all
  9. Hi, just wondering if someone could help me. Im on limecycline (tetra 300mg) and using differin gel at night. I aint noticing a big improvement to the acne and red marks i have but its certainly stopping new ones from developing so rapidly. I only seem to get another spot after shaving?? and never get painful ones anymore which is great. Just wondering if dans regime would help clear my face of existing spots and the red marks they have left over the last few years lol. I went to see the derm