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  1. Hi All, I have been on the Regimen for over 5 years: Cetaphil Bar - Dan's BP - Garnier Pure A Moisturiser. I'm 24, and only get spots in one place, the inner parts of my cheek, diagnally between the bottom of the nose and the top corners of the lip. These spots are not pus-filled, instead they are big, red, cyst-like type things. They last for around 3 days. So...As Dan's 2.5% BP tends not to prevent these (I get around 1 a week), I wondered whether I should try a 5% BP in this area of my fac
  2. Hi, I have been a long time user of the Regimen - nearly 5 years in fact. My acne is very mild, I get around one spot every week nowadays; but stick to the regimen religiously and meticulously. However, this one weekly spot is normally a cyst-like creature - around 1cm big, red, painful, no pus (normally), and in the exact same part of my face (the inner part of my cheeks, diagnally between the mouth and the nose - in the smile crease). They can be on either side of the face, but always in or
  3. Hi, I have been a long time user of the Regimen - nearly 5 years in fact. My acne is very mild, I get around one spot every week. However, this one spot is normally a cyst-like creature - around 1cm big and in the exact same part of my face. They last 3 days and I can;t believe at 24 I still need to deal with these. My skin also gets quite oily and have realised a direct link between an increased oily period and one of these little buggers appearing. So I want to speak to a Dermatologist abou
  4. I use the proactiv toner as part of my regimen - after cleansing, before applying BP. I tried taking it out of my regimen a few months ago and it caused breakouts would you believe. It adds more moisture to my skin which helps keep dryness at bay!
  5. Anyone knows who just uses it once a day on here? Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I have been using The Regimen for nearly three years religiously, with no breaks. Things have been added and taken away, but my regimen is: CETAPHIL GENTLE CLEANSER -> PROACTIV TONER -> DAN'S BP -> GARNIER PURE A MOISTIRUISER Now, my acne has NEVER been that bad - even when I started. But on The Regimen it has been better than it ever has been. At the moment, I probably get about 1 spot a week on average, sometimes more though. However, I am considering cutting down my BP us
  7. Thanks guys - a double recommendation of the same product is perfect! There's not a Tesco near me (amazingly) so will go with the Simple wipes. Thanks again!
  8. Hi all, I've left this ridculously late I know, but... I'm off to Glastonbury in a couple of days, and really want to continue the regiment when I am there. Obviously showering isnt going to be possible, so can anyone recommend a good brand of facewipes or cleanser to use instead?? I've used Clean and Clear cleanser before but have found it a bit harsh. I'm male with only very light acne. Can anyone recommend any cleaner or wipes that they have used successfully with the regimen?? All help w
  9. Fook me. Jeez that is bad. You just can;t begin to imagine what it must be like. Does put ours into perspective that is true!
  10. Thanks very much for your reply :) Yes, I got clear from the Regimen, but recently I have always had a spot or two to treat unfortunately. No idea why as my Regimen hasn't changed at all. I do apply quite a large amount of BP but will try more. The problem is is that I am wary of applying the BP liberally to my whole cheek when I have spots on them. I can't believe that rubbing it in over areas that have a few spots aren't helping to spread the spots around? What do you think?
  11. I know additions to the regimen are not to be recommended generally - but I have been on the Regimen for well over a year so I guess it is pretty safe to do so. Just I find that the BP doesnt help heal and kill the spots very well sometimes - I know a lot of people find this. But I am reluctant to not put it on the spots and apply something else to them, as I like to make sure the BP goes everywhere as I know that it does prevent more coming. Soooo...when i had my worst break out ever last wee
  12. And that would be because..? You're fat and have acne.? Say something worthwhile, or don't say anything.
  13. Just to add my situation in there too... I have a ridiculously high metabolism. I eat more than anyone I know. By a long way too! It's a standing joke with my family and friends that i get by eating so much and am still so slim. I don't have bad acne though, and have been like this for years whereas my acne as only been worse/there at all in te last year or so. However..interestingly when i am at uni and skip meals and dont eat as much, i am clearer...
  14. I can quite honestly say I have never seen a fat person with acne. In fact, most fat people have really good skin. There has even been a thread dedicated to this fact.