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  1. I'm not having a wise crack at the kid, i'm being honest. It should help him feel a lot better about himself.
  2. zero, do yourself a favor & go to a psychologist concerning your acne.
  3. no zero.. you will be fine.
  4. Just a few questions..responses would be appreciated OK, so I went to the doctor today, to get a medical certificate for missing a week of work due to the flu. Just as I was getting up to leave I thought "hey what the hell" and asked "do you have anything you can perscribe me for my acne?(I get little condones/bumps on my upper back & chin that occasionally turn into pimples; more likely on my upper back) He gave me a script for minomycin, I just have a few questions as I didn't really
  5. ^ I can see you growing up to be a wife-beater, weak piece of shit.
  6. You people make me sick, all this jealously is bullshit. Go talk to her, what kind of social rejects are you people? Don't concern yourself with what she said to you X many mins/hrs/days/mths/yrs ago, be a man, talk to her, use this situation as an avenue to talk to her and maybe you'll make a new friend. I'm not suggesting you discuss/talk acne with her, this would have to be one of the most boring conversation topics. Find out about her, invite her out to the movies/dinner/clubs/parties etc. i
  7. Weight lifting doesn't cause acne thaverve, I lift 5/6 days a week, supplement my diet with Whey protein and Creatine. I consume about 250g protein daily through chicken, tuna, steak, eggs etc. as well as lots of carbs and some trans and mono fats. I get the occasional pimple but nothing to write home about. I don't think diet plays much of a role in acne.
  8. I cycle Creatine and haven't experienced this. I doubt that's the problem, try consuming more water than usual and let me know how you go.
  9. Benzac 2.5% is the way to go, it cleared me.
  10. Would taking 500mg of b5 per day be beneficial?
  11. 5g a day!? isn't that like 10 tablets?
  12. Stop worrying about it so much, your acne is probably a lot better than you perceive.
  13. I browsed your web site and couldn't help but feel sorry for you, your fixation with your skin appears to be a substitute for your lack of interests, commitments, responsibilities & friends. Your obsessed, your skin isn't actually that bad, your body conditioning needs a lot of work, you look malnourished. Stop worrying so much about your skin and get on with your life, sitting there crying "Why don't i have a girlfriend?" and finding acne to be the sole reason is just ridiculous, get out o
  14. Don't worry about them luka, they are ignorant idiots. I use Cetaphil Genetle Cleansing Bar, it's great.
  15. I bodybuild and consume a lot of protein(roughly 200g-300g a day)and use creatine, hickory "first off you don't need a lot of protein while taking creatine" that's false, you need a lot of protein all the time, regardless of what supplements your on. Continue to consume large amounts of protein (by various sources) and use supplements like whey protein, glutamine & creatine to help you reach your goals. As for protein or creatine giving you acne, I think that's rubbish. I'm clear & haven
  16. luka_Boy go here http://www.acne.org/regimen.html All the information you require is there
  17. Why attempt to reinvent the wheel? Get your friends to come join us here!
  18. 2sg, you should ask her. Compliment her (you look beautiful etc.etc.) "I was wondering what you use to keep your complection flawless? I'd love to have skin like yours"
  19. SweetJade, How old are you? Are you in school and or have a Job? where do you find the time to research all these bogus theories and speculate on methods to treat acne. Please provide us with a picture of your porcelain complection, inspiration to follow your crazy diets. Oatmeal is great, eat up your oatmeal!
  20. SweetJade, inhaling oxygen could result in breakouts, I suggest you stop.
  21. Breathing oxygen causes breakouts, I suggest you all stop.