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  1. hi i from NZ. i try to do the least amount possible to my skin, because if i do wash it or anything it become very red, so i just try treat each individual spot carefully.
  2. So what did you do? Im finding it so dam hard but only 1 more year than probaly have a GAP year and things should clear up by then
  3. Thanks for all your replys guys! Yes i must have to say i am also a popper myself. Sometimes it makes the pimple get better but others
  4. Recently i went on a ski trip for a 5 days. I stayed up on the mountain so was constantly staying up high, where it was really cold (about 5 to -10 degrees celcius). I discovered after my trip my skin condition had improved beyond belief! so.......... my question to you DOES BEING IN HIGH ALTITUDES/ COLD TEMPARATURES HELP ACNE?
  5. There are many different opinions on whether you should pop a pimple or just leave it in hope that it goes away. I would be interested to know who Pops their pimples and who leaves them purposely.