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  1. I live in Canada and we don't have iPlegde
  2. Hey, my doctor told me I should come in monthly for the tests but it's kinda hard for me cause I live an hour away from him. It's hard to switch doctors now cause none of the doctors in our area accept new patients (I live in a really small town) and my current doctor has been my family doctor for about 40 years now lol! He told me I should really really avoid getting pregnant right now and I have except for the fact that I had sex 1 month ago. I'm not experiencing ANY symptoms at all (no cramps
  3. Hey girls so this is my first post and I'm so scared. I just started my second month on accutane but did not go see my doctor because he lives an hour away from me and the pharmacy just gave me a new prescription. My two forms of birth control are abstinence and male condoms because my body does not respond well to BC pills. Even tho I wasn't supposed to I had sex about 1 month ago (used a condom + pull out and checked the condom for any holes or anything). This month I either missed my period o