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  1. I've been using BP since late summer, and I still get that tight feeling quite often. So, chances are it won't be going away any time soon. It's tolerable though.
  2. I don't have much of a problem with getting BP on anything, but the BP gel Dan is making will be clear. No stains. Just gotta wake a few months.
  3. 2 MINUTES!?!? Mine takes 30 seconds. =
  4. Ok, I'm sorry, I was a little harsh with what I said before. What you said still kind of disturbs me, but it's understandable how someone could be thinking that way after being consistently bullied over a long period of time, even if that's not how I personally handled it. Again, I'm sorry. Just wanted to state my apologies, even if it's a little late for that.
  5. I most likely would not personally participate in it, as I don't have a personal website and don't know anyone to refer, but I think it's a good idea and would be great for spreading the word about acne.org.
  6. I'm thinking someone probably made a typo, and someone else made a joke about it.
  7. I guess I didn't clarify well enough. It's the BP that is drying, not my face. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. No matter how much I rub it in (trust me, trying to rub it in more won't help), the BP cream will always dry up everywhere on my face but my forehead and leave white streaks. Of course I can't go out in public with a bunch of flaky white crap that stands out plain as day all over my face now can I? Could this just be because of the certain brand of BP I'm using? I'm using Equate 10%, as I haven't gone to the store or talked about it with my mom yet and that's what she buys. I've tried using
  9. Your acne doesn't seem so bad, I think there would probably be other ways to control your acne other than accutane. But if you've already tried everything else then go ahead I guess. Btw, from what I can see from the pictures, you look pretty cute.