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  1. Just wondering, did you ever try minocyclin on its own without any other acne medications before this "only water" experiment?
  2. When you put 8 and ) next to eachother, it turns into the sunglasses emoticon.
  3. My cysts just don't go away unless I pop the hell out of it...and once I do, it's usually completely gone in a few days. I never bothered bringing it to a head either. I wouldn't advise this for most people though, from what I see I don't scar at all, but that's been my personal experience.
  4. And spending your time on an online message board about acne is the cool kid thing to do, right? As for the original topic... Wow, the people around here don't seem nearly as bad as whoever you guys are talking to. Back in 7th grade there was a kid that would suggest in an insulting tone that I need to see a derm, but that's about it. I don't think my acne is that bad though, so maybe that's why.
  5. "squeezing our balls"??!!! wtf are U talkin' bout dude? =; :-s
  6. U wont last a week... (btw, notice how ugly girls get more attractive as the tension in your balls increases)
  7. If he would leave you because of your scars, he doesn't deserve your company anyways. I very much doubt you have anything to worry about though.
  8. I want boobs on my face too.
  9. Uh...it shouldn't be that rough for you, I never had a tough time with it atleast. Maybe you're allergic? Just a guess. I'm pretty sure that it would lose effectiveness if you washed it off, it's supposed to stay on your face throughout the day.
  10. You posted a thread that had your pic asking people what they think of you right Scorpio? I remember your pic, seemed like a regular guy to me, maybe a bit on the attractive side. This is coming from a straight male though, I couldn't really tell you if you were hot or not, but I know you're not ugly.
  11. Trust me...you're not the only one to masturbate more than once a day, especially on an online messageboard. 6th grade you were probably just getting into puberty, maybe a year or two into it at most if you started early, that's probably why you started breaking out. Oh well, not like I've personally done any studies on it, so it could be another cause of acne. I don't think it's worth giving up though. I shall continue to beat it, and love every minute of it.
  12. Getting laid > a couple zits. Sex doesn't do anything to acne either way, but even if it did, it would still be worth it in most cases.
  13. If you're using BP, chances are it's dried up BP getting moistened again.