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  1. cucumber


    my derm said i could use it in the day
  2. I'm supposed to apply Differin in the AM and Duac in the PM. The boxes say to store up to 77 degrees F (25C). My pharmacist said to refrigerate these. Do I HAVE to refrigerate them? Are there benefits to refrigerating them that would be lost if I didn't? It's really inconvenient for me, that's why. Sorry if this question has been asked before, I tried a search but I couldn't find anything. If it has been asked and you could just direct me to one of those threads, that'd be gread.
  3. cucumber

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    yay acv! yay acv successes! so, anyways, it really seems like people like pictures here (more so than articles explaining why it works). although i don't have a camera, next time i get a pimple, i'm gonna borrow my friend's camera and i'll document how fast it heals thanks to acv. also, for people with super-sensitive skin, i've never increased my ratio more than 50:50 and it still works fantastically. ugh yeah, smashingpumpkin: i have to blot my face now, which i haven't had to do since i
  4. cucumber

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    great results, fiddynick!
  5. Not so. The whole idea of the ACV study was to look at raw ACV...100%. If I start adding other things to it like water or aspirin, that will bias the results. How would we know if it wasn't just the water that I added that was causing the reduction in redness? We know for a FACT water doesn't heal redmarks (at least in a week/month; the duration of your study). No one on this board will say to "use water" to heal redmarks. Therefore, water should be a constant, and not be considered a
  6. you can't start with 100% ACV. you must have burnt your skin for your skin to get redder. this really messes up the experiment, because your skin will have to heal from the burn, then start healing the hyperpigmentation. oh well, continue on. or, do you have another red mark you can start with, using a diluted solution?
  7. cucumber

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    I've only posted it when another user has said ACV has caused them to breakout. The mechanism behind the growth of acne is a clogging of the pores which leads to postules forming. Thus, my reasoning is that ACV may clog the pores in some individuals leading to acne. Tap, this is maybe the fifth post of yours I've responded to concerning the hypocrisy of what you say. You claim ACV doesn't work because there's no scientific reasoning to back it up. Then you go on several different threads a
  8. this looks really exciting. i'm really curious as to how the results will turn out!
  9. cucumber

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    yeah i got a breakout too, but it healed a bajillion times faster than normal. plus, every pimple i've ever had has left a redmark. the breakout after using acv actually didn't leave one single red mark, which has never happened before.
  10. cucumber

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Well I'm not going to disagree with what was said regarding the safety of highly concentrated acetic acid (it's not good) but I'm also not going to disagree that the content in ACV is very low and doesn't present any danger. But as for wikipedia, it's actually quite accurate, especially for the scientific article. I think the error rate is equal to the Encyclopaedia Brittanica--an average 3 errors per article... which is amazing considering how many articles there are. The scientific artic
  11. cucumber

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    yah you look great before and after smashing. I think your eyebrows are cool too. Anyone ever tell you you look like sarah maclachlan? lol no just Britney Spears. My first 2 pix really aren't that great idk how anyone cannot see all those redmarks, the pic is kinda blurry I will give it that but still. Just because they weren't all over my cheeks doesn't mean they weren't there. I use to pick all the time that is why they are small but clustered all of my chin and nose. I just recenly starte
  12. Although I think parts of your argument are very fair shmelis, I don't think it is fair to call the argument of the acid mantle "bogus". What you are saying certainly does make sense: manufacturers make soap alkaline for a REASON (getting rid of bacteria). However, indisputably, continual use of alkaline products will make your face more alkaline. Whether once a day, three times a day, whatever, just using the majority of soaps on the market (which are alkaline) will make your face more alkaline
  13. tap your attempt to discredit this small study are getting more and more pathetic each time. bias? i think nhsbiomed is a little bit more sophisticated than that. nhsbiomed has NOTHING to lose by saying that acv doesn't work. why would s/he manipulate results? what POSSIBLE reason is there for him/her to sit there at the computer attempting to erase red on a photoshop program? honestly. if this study does show no results (which it could, for various reasons. it does not necessarily mean that A
  14. cucumber

    Covering up blemishes

    why wouldn't it work? it's saying NOT to use green. sorry if i wasn't clear at first guys: the post above was a respone to a question someone asked. the asker detailed her concealing method (which included green concealor). the make up artist thust responded to not use the green for the reasons mentioned above. everything else, african american people can get colors that would match their skin tone.