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  1. Did you get any improvement

  2. So, i opted out of the appt with the cosmetic surgeon regarding fillers....for now. The scar is still really new and has been improving since the first fraxel. Today I went for Fraxel #2 and a Selphyl treatment. I have another Fraxel in exactly 3 weeks. The Selphyl treatment was relatively painless, my blood was taken and then the DR injected into 2 acne scars on my nose and applied it topically after my Fraxel treatment. I will post about improvements, should any occur.
  3. Cdwp...Just wondering how did your results turn out?
  4. So, I made an appt with a Cosmetic/Plastic surgeon, appt in a week to get a second opinion regarding filler. I explained I was getting fraxel done and they suggested waiting untim after the treatments were complete to come in....however....if the fraxel does not work, I want peace of mind knowing I can get filler. Yes....obsessive....but I do not care. Fingers crossed everything works out.
  5. No....that is not the name of my doctor.
  6. I have an appt with my laser doctor in 2.5 weeks...I will ask him about what happened to you...this guy knows his stuff...he is a doctor who teaches and give lectures regarding these lasers for the past 20 years....I am sorry that you are suffering so bad....I honestly feel your pain.
  7. I did not have any trouble only because I have been going to this doctor for quite a few years for other things...smoothbea, ipl and I have had previous Fraxel treatments on my cheeks. I think a reputable place will spot treat. My doctor is actually only zapping the scar on my nose. i am not sure if he feels sorry for me or what, but he is really nice to do it. Perhaps it was me getting all teary eyed in the chair.
  8. I have been scouring the internet for some viable options/success stories for treating such a scar. I am very disheartened that it would appear that there is little about treating nose scars. I am seriously depressed and devastated with this scar, that I obtained about 5 weeks ago (and In addition to this scar, I have a scarred pore and one older scar on my nose too.), but for some reason the new scar is making me depressed, perhaps because of the location. I am planning on pulling out all the
  9. <p>I too have a scar on my nose...right smack in the centre. I can&nbsp; not see your photo for some reason. I am truly devastaed about it. I was going to try needling, but decided against it...I am a chicken. I decided to go for a series of 5 fraxel restore treatments, just to spot treat.I have had fraxel restore for pore size with some success. I am not certain that the Fraxel Restore will&nbsp;improve&nbsp;the scar or not, so I am going to ask the Dr. to&nbsp;bump up the
  10. i think on those photos at the bottom of the page (the pre-fraxel photo of the guy) what you are seeing is scarred pores, and so the fraxel is improving those -- i used to think i just had large pores, but actually they are scarred. i am totally hoping my treatments improve them that much or more! :) michie, is your treatment with the SR750 or SR1500 -- they say the 1500 doesn't hurt as much...so i'm wondering. it may be one of the only procedures right now that's safe for people
  11. After reading several posts here, I finally decided to go for my first Fraxel treatment today....and let me tell you I did not expect it to hurt so much....I have had other treatments before ranging from a severe weird chemical peel, microdermabrasion, one punch excision, photofacials, smoothbeam and finally now fraxel....out of them all, the fraxel hurt the most. It wasn't the pain during the treatment that surprised me cuz it wasn't that bad, it was the pain AFTER. Hot, very hot, and not in a
  12. I just read on a web site that if the doctor over does it on the passes with the fraxel, that is when you get the bronzed look, has anyone else had the fraxel and not had to stay in for a week? I can't stand the thought of it and then being red for two weeks...I am booked for fraxel #1 at the end of June......so any info would be appreciated.. P.S Annie I just wanted to thank you for all your information and the pics. I think you're an amazing gal for doing that!!!! I hope you get wonderfu