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  1. I think I've seeen on the boards, people able to work out the total mg's of their Accutane course based on weight. Can anyone post how you work it out? Thanks
  2. When does the initial outbreak usually happen anyone know?
  3. I've been taking 20mg of Accutane for 7days and haven't noticed any dryness?? My lips feel like normal. Skin is pretty good at the moment, but should I be seeing dryness by now? Increasing to 40mg daily after another week. Thanks
  4. Hmm, I use to take this drug as a kid after severe asthma... Didn't know it was used for acne treatment
  5. Thanks everyone for your responses. I went today and my dermatologist said that she knows that acne can flare up then can be calm for a period. I was prescribed (Ro)Accutane pending blood tests. Unfortunately she said she thought she could see some minor scarring, I thought I may have made it through unscathed... Do derms give worst case scenarios? My other doctors have all said they don't see any scarring. Hope Roaccutane isn't too bad. Thanks, Brenton
  6. Hi, I have had mild to moderate acne for about three years and recently my doctor referred me to a dermatologist with a referral letter recommending Accutane. Thing is, my skin is at its best at the moment (not much active acne). In my referral letter my diagnosis is "moderately severe inflammatory comedogenic acne with occasional pustules on his face, chest and back that has not responded to 3 years of Bactrim". Will the derm judge it solely on what she sees on the day or take my word that i
  7. Thank you both for your replies! When you speak of the subsidised rate, is this from Medicare or a private health care fund? Either way, the prices are OK; I just thought it might be heaps because I don't know of many dermatologists. Cheers
  8. Hi, Does anyone know how much a derm. appointment is in Australia? I live in metropolitan Melbourne, no private health cover. Many thanks, Brenton
  9. Anyone know how much a derm. appointment is in Australia? I live in metropolitan Melbourne, no private health cover. Thanks
  10. i'm considering starting accutane and am wondering whether I can still have occasional binges (i.e.: 11 cans of beer every third weekend) without ruining my bod??
  11. I went to a different doctor yesterday and she said she considered my acne to be mild to moderate and that if the differin that she prescribed hadn't resulted in a marked improvement in a months time she would give a referral to a derm with a recommendation for roaccutane because I said that acne makes me a bit depressed.
  12. Hi hockey guy, I'm basically in the exact same circumstance as you, on-going mild acne that really upsets my wellbeing most days. I wonder if practitioners would be more willing to prescribe if the acne really upsets the patient? I hope so. Good luck.
  13. Hi, I have ongoing (~3 years, i'm 20) mild to moderate acne (severity fluctuates). I am only ever without active pimples for a couple of days, it's a constant cycle. My acne doesn't appear to have caused any noticable scars but it depresses me that I always have pimples and feel very self conscience. I try to keep inside my apartment when I have bad pimples. I'm currently on the antibiotic Bactrim. My question: Is accutane ever prescribed for ongoing mild to moderate acne? Is it a good idea
  14. A few weeks ago I broke out really badly on my chest, out of nowhere. I often have a few (5 or 6) pimples, this time it was like 50 whiteheads all in one go. Has anyone else had such a spontaneous breakout?? I don't think it could have had any impact, but a few days before I received a chicken pox vaccine injection, I’m pretty sure these spots weren't chicken pox’s though. Anyone else experienced this?