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  1. i'd really like to hear anything more you have to say about this. i need a moisturiser that doesn't make my skin too greasy. i live in australia and the only moisturiser that's widely used on this board that's available here is cetaphil, but it makes my skin too shiny and greasy. i might order this from the us, but i'd like to know if it'll realyly work.
  2. i recently bought some alpha hydrox aha enhanced lotion and i'm wondering about the best way to incorporate it into the regimen. i've tried applying it after the bp (but before moisturiser) once a day, but this seems to mix in with the bp into a kind of sludge. even though i wait 10-15 minutes so the bp is dry. the moisturiser doesn't mix in like that - it goes on like there was nothing on my face. it's just the aha. and i think that applying it like this has caused me to break out again. so..
  3. i'm a 22 year old guy. i've been on the regimen for a few months now and have had a lot of success. i have another problem. i have quite thick facial hair on my upper lip and on my chin, but virtually none anywhere else. this looks especially bad as i have dark hair and light skin and the stubble is visible even immediately afte shaving. i have been considering using rogaine on other parts of my face to fill out my beard because i have read success stories of this on other message boards. howe
  4. i'm a long time follower of these forums. i've been on the regimen for a while now and have had pretty good results. i'm more or less clear now, but i still have GODDAMN RED MARKS i don't really want to try anything that might risk new breakouts. i just want a moisturiser like eucerin skin renewal that has alpha hydroxys or something like that, but i can't find anything in australia. i know this has been asked before, but a lot of those topics are old and some of the products look kind of do