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  1. *godspeed your journey into the next life may it be a better one*

  2. I'm so sorry.. Rest in peace.

  3. Rodd, you had to make a decision. I just wish I knew. Please guide us.

  4. You were one of the best I knew. RIP my friend. I hope that you are smiling where ever you may be.

  5. Rest In Peace <333

  6. Rest in peace mate. Thank you for being a good friend to one of my close friends.

  7. heya! i havent seen ya in forever, hope you're doing alright : )

  8. you still alive, mate? lol

  9. Happy New Year! we miss you ..... <3

  10. is that a good thing?

  11. yo bro! yea, got your message. I PM'd you my number.

    Look forward to seein you, man!

  12. hey mate im in auckland for a week from tmoro dunno what number ill be on just yet but pm me yours if you wanna catch up

  13. Where are you???? :(

  14. Hey bro, seems like you disapeared! I hope all is fine and well! Just wondering if you still comin over to aotearoa... Would be nice to say hello eh!