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  1. I have a scar next to my nose below my eye from a dog bite. I was such a bully to my dog when I was a little girl, and one day she just jumped up and bit me....bitch. Just kidding, I'm sure I deserved it. I actually like this scar; it gives me personality. But I can't stand my acne scars; I don't think I deserve those. No one should have these lil monsters. There isn't a cool story behind them.
  2. Well, my log seems to be working again, but this time I tried it on my outdated PC (seriously I think its like a 1988 model or something) instead of my iBook and it worked!! I would have never thought my piece of crap PC would have worked over my expensive MAC. I suppose the saying, "don't judge a book by it's cover," pertains to even the unlikliest of things. My skin is behaving well lately with a zit or two but nothing serious. The only thing that has gotten me bent out of shape with my h
  3. Awww. Thanks everyone for your support.
  4. There definitely is a risk of getting acne after the pill....like in my experience. Except when I got back on Ortho-cyclen it didn't respond to my acne as well as it had before. As mentioned above, be prepared for a plan of attack. I would even suggest in having a derm's office number ready if a regimen doesn't work within 3-4 months.
  5. Hey all! I'm going to the doc today at 11a. Going to switch my bcp to something that will help with my bad PMS...and of course, acne. Which one is supposed to be better for acne...scientifically speaking? Is the idea to have a lower amount of estrogen for better results or higher amount of estrogen? I think estrogen level is the difference between the two, plus Yaz is 24/4 cycle and Yasmin is 21/7 cycle. Thanks
  6. I suppose I'll update although my journal is not functioning right. I think I'm going to wait for tane until Sept.. Believe me I am so ready, but because I just quit my job and looking for a new one with a similiar health plan, I don't want tane to be a pre-existing on my benefits. That MAY mean that I would have to pay tane in full out of my own pocket. Who wants that? So I am going to wait until I find a job with benefits. I've been trying to call my insurance co. to ask Qs, but they make
  7. Okay. This is really weird. Thanks Wynne for checking up on me. The truth is I have been trying to post, but it's not letting me. Specifically in my journal. It will only let me post if I hit the Reply button inside an existing post, delete what is written, then write my own thing. What the heck? Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
  8. Glad to here everything is going great! My skin is well....whatever! Strange thing though, I can't seem to add any replies in my journal. Do you know anything to fix that? Keep us posted on the baby!!!
  9. Hey guys! I'm registered and took my first preg test a few days ago to get the tane rolling. I've been using BHA lately and seems to be doing some purging, but I think I may need the 2% instead of 1%. Oh well, I'm not going to buying some more now that i have tane bills dancing above my head....more like haunting my dreams!!!
  10. hey willow! Is that a pic of you for your avatar? Great smile!!!
  11. I'm getting a little bit of the flakes already with PC BHA, but no tingling. It's pretty good so far. I guess this means I'm not allergic to Salicylic Acid unless 1% is too "soft" to tell. I'm going to the doc's office tomorrow for my first preg test to get the wheels rolling for accutane. I've been reading the iPledge handbook and it's a little scary. Talks about vision loss and birth defects, and doesn't even mention all the other side effects I've heard about like hair loss and rosacea.
  12. Yea, my doc has suggested tane to me 3 times!! I've always been so apprehensive about going on it, but I think I'm going to give it a try.....that is, if PC BHA doesn't work for me. Good news! I actually got PC BHA today in the mail. My plan of attack: Still take a preg test for accutane this week During the 31 day period of registering I will be trying PC BHA if I don't see any results, I'll be on tane by August or September. I want to be extra sure of my decision with tane, so Paulas Choice
  13. You have to take a BC whilst on tane...in the U.S. anyway. Thanks for this thread....very useful.