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  1. This is the first time I have posted about my accutane experience since starting treatment, I just wanted to share with other accutane users how far i've come as I enter my 4th Month, currentlt 143 days to be precise, and as you can see I haven't a single active spot on my face, it is all dominated by slight redness and left over red marks from breakouts. Overall though I am thrilled with my skin and I cant wait to finish treatment so that I can get rid of the left over marks ). Hope this helps
  2. I am currently on 30mg of accutane, I am only 2 weeks into treatment, & i've only had dry lips/forehead, and very mild peeling, I am going to ask for my dosage to be increased on my next follow up with my dermatologist as I dont feel 30mg is helping my chest/back how it is helping my face. Anyway my concern is the tanned-looking cheeks I am getting, it looks like I have been sat out in the sun or on a tanning bed with glasses on, the white circles are annoying me & I want to know how to
  3. This week I had a dermatologist appointment about my acne as I am starting on roaccutane. I had a blood test 2 days later(Today) and I am noy awaiting my blood results required to start the medication. My question is once I have gotten my blood test results from the hospital, will my dermatologist contact me to see him again to start roaccutane or will I have to book another appointment myself so I can get my prescription??? Anyone who has had this experience will be of great help as I am eager
  4. Ok so I was just wondering if anybody knows of anything I can do/buy that actually works to fade post acne marks(red/pink marks), because theu affect my self esteem so much. Im actually waiting on a dermatologist appointment to ask for roaccutane for my active acne, but I need to get rid of these marks on my face, I have had them for almost 2 years and they won't fade (... Image included
  5. Its alot better than before I started antibiotics, but I still get breakouts yeah
  6. Hi, I have been on Antibiotics for about 2 years which were prescribed by my GP/ They have helped slightly, I have less breakaouts and less inflammation. However as acne has healed I have developed mild red acne scars/marks, and they haven't changed at all or even looked like they are fading for over a year, so I have recently made an appointment to see my GP so that I can ask her if she will refer me to a dermatologist. My main question is, will the dermatologist provide me some treatment for m
  7. Ive just bought some generic Accutane online, it goes by the brand name 'Zydex', and I am just curious if anyone has ever used this or another generic version of accutane? Is it good? Does it work?