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  1. Wowza! I haven't been in these forums in forever. Altho it says on my profile that I've been a member since '06, I've been browsing these forums way longer than that...Just wanted to remind folks out there that has the same scarring problem I had that I found my jewel in Apeel correct and self-needling... It, by far, worked better than any stupid laser treatment could ever do.... $4000....f***! I still cry when I think about that money and the looser Dr. who put it in his bank account to blow
  2. Approximately how long does it take for the adrenals to go back to normal after consistent stress? Lets say a scenario over 6 months i.e. school, work, finals etc.... If you find articles on this, can ya'll link me? Thanks.
  3. Thanks shavingwoes. Q: Can you drink soymilk with the SCD? Thanks Leah_ for the info. I know all about my atrophy--to be more specific, what I had was Cushing's syndrome because it was directly in my adrenal. Cushing's disease is in the pituitary and it is harder to treat. My right adrenal was atrophied but not for long because I suffered a moment of adrenal insufficiency after my surgery so my cortisol was at zero. I ended up in the emergency room and they gave me more hydrocortisone. (The stu
  4. Shavingwoes...thanks a lot for that good information. Personally, I am a vegetarian myself...never really been fond of vegetables, but will force myself to eat them occasionally. Vegetables were the furthest thing from my mind in terms of adrenal issues. I always focused on plant protein, protein shakes, smoothies, tofu....However, as testing goes, I have good levels of adrenal production and wouldn't constitute it as adrenal fatigue. My issues are above adrenal, but rather the aftermath of adre
  5. Hey, sounds pretty cool. I'll check them out later. It only takes about 3-4 days of continuous sleep and rest to start clearing up...but with finals around, thats a no no... Weird thing, my facial muscles are hurting right now. That's how weak my body is. I feel like an old lady
  6. I had an uncontrolled problem because of a tumor in my adrenal that was causing my acne all along, all these years. Explains the hair loss and palpitations. Lost my left adrenal in 2006 from surgery and have been recuperating from the muscle loss since. Now I'm back in school, but the acne is back again because of the stress levels I have to deal with. I still have trouble walking and climbing stairs due to my weakness. I take a lot of protein and walk a lot, A LOT! (I live in NYC, go figure--st
  7. Why so serious? Sorry, I couldn't help it...heehee!
  8. Whoever it was, I have to commend this person highly...As a graphic designer--my opinion is that this site is top-notch in the way it communicates about its subject.
  9. Can new found romance increase the chances of stimulating hormones that produce acne? More specifically, the hormone cortisol for example? I have been clear and oil free for months after having surgery to remove an adrenal gland that was over producing cortisol over a year ago. Suddenly, I'm in a new relationship and my skin is extremely oily just like when I was sick with the high cortisol. I have regular check ups with a specialist to make sure my other adrenal isn't over producing, but I alwa
  10. How safe are these, what are the better brands out there? Are diabete's patients able to consume these? Since there is a link from diabetes to acne--can using substitutes help people keep hormones from flaring?
  11. ^You don't have to tell that to me twice! I WAS SOOOO STUPID. With a capital S!!! I'm pretty sure this is what ruined my hair!!
  12. Aww NO FAIR~!!! I wanna fall in LOVE TOO!!! Hmph!!