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  1. HEY! Long time no talk!

  2. Haha I know but still give me a ring sometime :P. I'm gonna be taking a long break from this site and LH, this last thing with lindsay was the last straw. Plus I'm gonna be moving in with my friend so I wont need to come on here anymore. So if you want to you can still message me on myspace and stuff if you still have it. <3

  3. lol, that was the longest message ever. i just got the 50mm f1.8 and i like it a lot. i'm just lazy and hate switching lenses but the 18-200 is heavy as shit.

    i still have your number but you know i hate the phone. i hope we can catch up some time. <3

  4. should call me again sometime =P

    Sorry my message got butchered, I should have just sent a PM

  5. >_< I forgot that it cuts it off.

    "a hookup working as a PA in reality TV but I gotta get moving on that. Other then that not too much, except this cute new girl to school whos in my class that I've been laying some groundwork for, and I'm gonna ask her out next time I see her. I know she digs me :P, anyways I guess things are going pretty good. How have you been? <3 You

  6. Hey Ami <3

    I'm doin alright, I'm trying to get a job at school so I can save up enough money to go to Thailand AND buy a D700 (or D3) + 17-35mm f2.8. I'm gonna take it as a class, and hopefully me and two other friends will be going next June. If I can't get the funds by working I'm gonna try to get a student loan. I'm also getting a resume together, and I might hav

  7. nope, it works for me but i use to get that message a long time ago. what's new? how's school?

  8. Did chat get closed or something? I went go take a look but it says I need an account to get in?

  9. A-mizzle! :), I see you online but you're not in chat :[

  10. Heyyy, I uh see you too. Sorry I missed you, Im so out of it and I was gone getting a hair cut

  11. Sup J-Shizzle. I see you on the boards!

  12. <33 thanks =], I'm pretty good. I just got on msn btw and you're not there anymore :(, I was out buying new clothes.

  13. Our birthdays are 4 days apart. Happy Birthday a little late.

    How are you? I'm on MSN suckaaaa and you're not.


  14. Sup homeslice

  15. considering Hatton was ill for 5weeks leading up to the fight and went into the ring not fully fit i think he outclassed and generally smashed the guy all over the place.