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  1. Juicing fruit does not give all of the benefits of eating fruit but is a whole lot better than drinking pastuerized juice. When you juice fruit it rids it of all of its fiber so the sugar goes into your blood streem alot faster, thus spiking your blood shugar. An apple, for example, is said to be very cleansing for the gut but when you drink just the juice it no longers has that cleansing affect. Stick to juicing vegetables and eating fruit
  2. you guys can see my clear skin if you go to www.burtonfamilyfinancial.com I am the guy on the left on the homepage. Also let me know if you need to refinance or purchase a home.
  3. Oh yeah, and no fruit until you are totally cleansed of the yeast overgrowth I didnt eat fruit for like 4 months
  4. What is ACV? And also in regards to the fat lady that you work with, the toxicity has shown up in her body in the form of fat. The fat is actually saving her life by taking the acidic toxins away from her vital organs and storing them in the fat cells. It shows up differently in everybody though because we all have diff. body types. In regards to the androgen guy, I think that there is validity to what point you are trying to prove but my personal experience tells me something totally diff. Ma
  5. the currency of energy in your body is purely sugar. Everything that you eat is turned into sugar. The problem lies in the refined sugar that is not natural and feeds the organizms as soon as it enters the stomach. It is absorbed into the bloodstream too fast and creates a spike in your blood sugar. Read the book
  6. I tried Dan's regimen for about a year and i had no success. I looked horrible with cysts all over my face, had low self-esteem and hated life. I tried botchlas regimen and had the same results. Then i came accross a totally diff. approach which was shown to me through a series of coincidences that i think were meant to happen. "divine intervention" if you will. I read this book called the ph miracle by dr. Robert Young. It basically teaches the principles of his diet which focus on detoxifyin
  7. Well i wouldnt just start taking a drug without talking to the derm about it. He says it works in over 80% of people and he has been prescribing itfor years. Also the only side affects are increase in energy and increased appatite. Anybody else got any experience w/ this?
  8. Anybody heard of it or have experiences with it? Doctor says that it is what they used to use before accutane. Started it last week and looking forward to results.
  9. i was just thinking that if you put 2.5 bp gel on your face and then add another application then it would actually be like 5 percent right? Doesn't it just depend on how much you put on your face? On Dan's reg you add alot of bp gel but why would you have to put so much on? I think that the reason this reg. works so well is because you are increasing the percentage of bp on your face. does that make sense or am i retarted?
  10. is it sodium laurel sulfate or something?
  11. all astringent does is dissolves oil.
  12. I have been on the regimen for about a month now and my acne is getting to a very bad state. Almost to the point of when i had it the worst. These are the meds i have been on; eurethromycin, tetracyclene, minocycline, sulfa-something, retin-a, differin, and calindamycin. The only thing that ever worked was the minocycline but it stopped working after a couple of months. I tried the do-nothing method w/ no avail. When i started the regimen my skin cleared up a bit and i was actually optomistic
  13. Hmm, where can I find some of this gel Eburt? Is it located in the US? Also Chris, the gel doesn't really affect the acne, but for me it kinda makes my face extra oily. (Even if I don't put gel on my face lol.)