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  1. ugh...I had a breakout of like 5 new areas....all very small, but annoying! We got a new puppy and he is scratching and biting up my arms too. He is cute though!!
  2. Hey Jen! You look great! Yeah for almost being done too!!!
  3. Sorry I havent updated in ages! I started a new job and it has taken over all my free time. I am about 6 weeks away from completing my accutane I think. I am ready to be done. My skin looks good. I have one new spot right now. Its the only one I have had in a month! My hyperpigmented areas still look yucky! I may need to do some laser treatments when Im done. Hi to everyone!!!
  4. Hi Tanya! sounds like thigs have been going well. I havent been on the boards in over a month! I started a new job and it has been consuming all my time. I have another month and a half to go. I cant wait to be done too! Im tired of the accutane.
  5. Your skin looks great! I have been looking into the Fraxel too, but it is pricey!
  6. Tanya I just looked at your pics! You look great! Woo hoo!
  7. Bella, i just changed derms through iPledge and surprisingly it wasnt too difficult. Let me know if you need any help. Lisa
  8. Day 67 The rash on my arms is back and I wasnt even in the sun. It felt like my arms were on fire yesterday. I put cortisone cream on it and it is better today. Very weird!! It is on the underside of my arms and forearms. Anyone else have this?
  9. Heather- I actually take three 20mg tabs a day. I take the Amnesteem now, I started on the Claravis though. Tanya - The hyperpigmentation sucks. It is really bad on my cheeks....there is like a line of normal vs. hyperpigmented skin. I can cover it with make-up, but I hate having to always cover it.
  10. I too have become a "lip picker" Its so gross!!!! I now freak out if I dont have certain chapsticks or aquaphor around me 24/7.
  11. Hey Kristen: Thanks for stopping by my log!! Yay for accutane friends LOL! I replied to your post on my log. Its brutally hot here too. I cant take it. My skin feels like its on fire when Im outside. Stay Cool!
  12. Sundance: Hi! Things are going well so far. I cant say my skin has improved that drastically yet, but it is definately better. A lot of people on the boards say things usually start improving more in the 3rd month. Im keeping my fingers crossed XX ! I have a lot of hyperpigmented areas which I know will take a long time to go away, but me breakouts are SO much better. Hi to everyone else!
  13. Hi Lucinda, Sorry to hear your skin is having problems . Hopefully the derm will have some solutions for you. Hang in there!
  14. DAY #62 Hey everyone! Things are about the same here. Not much to report. I have a few active areas, but they arent red or inflamed and you cant really see them, so I dont care! My nose is dry and peeling, and the lips are always a nasty mess. Ive kinda gotten used to the lips. Kirstin - LOL re: the oxycontin.....that is so true! I hate iPledge. P&W: Glad your derm has is together. That is nice! Thanks for visiting my log too! Have a great day everyone!
  15. Hi Kirstin! I think highlights are fine on accutane. My lips are really bad too. Aquaphor has been the only thing to help and they still are nasty. Instrad of picking at my skin, I now pick the skin off my lips.....gross I know.
  16. I hope you Monday doesn't suck! Its hotter than he!! here! Ugh. I may have to try the vitamin E.
  17. Glad you had a good time. I can relate regarding the chapstick...Hahaha! I have them everywhere and freak out when I cant find certain ones. I never thought I would have a favorite chapstick! How sad
  18. Hang in there Kristen (with no signature LOL)!! I hope the rest of the week is better for you. Also wishing you clear, clear skin,
  19. Hey Tanya!! How was the holiday? I hope you had a great time. I think It is really screwed up the way my derm does the script/blood work....it knows out 3 days and then pharmacies NEVER have accutane in stock! So frustrating. I did get my script filled today though......yeah!! Jenny - I got the insurance thing fixed....only 10$ thank god! STURZ - That makes much more sense the way your derm does it. I did get my rx filled today though....yeah!!! Month number 3 starts today!!!!!
  20. Hey Bella! Sounds like things are going well!! Sounds like you skipped the IB.....Woo hoo! Have a good day,
  21. Heather- Sorry about the bills! Ugh....that sucks ! Hang in there, I would definately discuss it with your derm.
  22. Still Day 60ish (on hold until I get my new script filled): Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting my log. I love it when I have visitors , yes, Im a big dork! Walk the Wire: Things have gone smoothly so far with the new derm. Hopefully there will be no iPledge glitches . Heatjer : Thanks for stopping by . I agree its better to take twice a day. I do take it twice a day when I remember, but sometimes I forget the am dose and then just take it all at night. I'm a bad patient, its just so hard
  23. Hey Heather! Sorry your friends werent understanding about being on Accutane! Most people dont understand. You will show them when you have great skin in a few months! I tried Proactiv too......didnt do a thing!! I was duped by the infomercial ! I hope your joint pain gets better too.
  24. Baxter for a boy.....thats my dogs name!