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  1. The Proactiv lotion has BP in it, so that really won't help. I suggest you rub in a generous amount of whatever skin-friendly facial moisturizer you have in the house - maybe do this every hour. Do it again before you go to bed, and also put a nice glob of moisturizer on top of the moisturizer you've already rubbed in. That tends to work with me when I go BP crazy. The only downside is - while you're more than likely to wake up with healed skin, the spots will still be there. Plenty of sleep cou
  2. Maybe when you cleanse at night, you're irritating your skin, except it takes a while for it to show? That would explain why your skin looks irritated in the morning, at least. Toothpaste is really harsh, doesn't this damage the skin? And baking soda, while good, has a gritty texture and it can be overused. Maybe you should tone down your regime and see how things work out. Like everyone else has said, my skin looks best in the morning before I shower. It also looks great after I apply my ma
  3. When I was 17, I developed moderate acne: pustules on the chin/forehead were not common (yet not rare, either), but my biggest issue was my cheeks. I had big, deep, painful red pimples which were so stubborn and would not leave for any OTC cleanser. Proactiv cleared me up completely within a couple of months - barring red marks and some "friendly" leftovers. I don't think Proactiv will work for severe acne. I know mine was/is hormonal, not genetic or anything like that. Overall I have a mild c
  4. You look fab. It looks more like weird photography than tinted moisturizer.
  5. A lot of you suggest Maybelline Pure Make-up, but I just want to throw in an opposing view and mention that this broke me out real bad, particularly my chin. I had huge red things which only went away after I stopped using this make-up. Neutrogena Healthy Skin is nice, but it's thick, which makes it hard to remove so my pores got clogged from it. And I noticed my skin tended to be oily by the end of the day. I switched to Revlon Colorstay (today is the first day I've worn it so far!) and one la
  6. Thanks for the info! I did some investigation and decided to buy Revlon Colorstay (and a Maybelline coverstick...I figure this way I won't need to layer foundation over spots). I applied it and I really like it so far
  7. Hello! Currently, the make-up I use is Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation. I think it's too thick of a foundation, even though I thin it out by mixing it with moisturizer. By the end of the day my face looks shiny and you can see the foundation caked around the areas where I've applied more. For example, this is how I always apply: Mix the foundation with my moisturizer (Neutrogena Sensitive Skin), and apply with a sponge pad; next I blend with a circle cotton pad to make sure it's even; then I
  8. I tend to lurk here more than I post. =) Imagine my horror when - after having lunch with two friends between classes - my face was oily *and* my make-up obviously smeared on my cheeks (I had lab today and had to wear those goggles). I hastily rubbed at the smears with my fingers (after washing my hands, of course) and tried to ignore the brewing zit smack in the middle of my chin, the small clump of smaller zits on my left cheek, the white heads speckled across my forehead, and the red marks
  9. I am not as concerned with the way others see me as the way I see myself. My self-esteem plummets and for however long the break-out lasts, I just feel really down on myself.
  10. Yeah, I know he did not mean to hurt my feelings (he *did* apologize) but if I see someone with a spot (or more than one) I know what they are and I do not go "Hey, do you have pimples?" He could have assumed that the big red lump on my chin was a pimple/cyst thing and left it at that without voicing it. Or he could have said "You have something on your chin" as a more discreet way of asking "What is it?" (Then I would've just explained like 'Oh don't worry about it, it's this annoying pimple th
  11. I look the best in soft light (in my room, on my dresser I have one light at each end with shades and I look like I have great skin) and in the sunlight I think I am okay. But car mirrors and fluorescents are the absolute worst. During the day I keep the bathroom light off.
  12. My face is 90% clear - I dealt with moderate acne during my late high school years and it has turned mild for my college years. A couple of months ago my chin broke out really bad - now they are just fading red marks and some whiteheads - but last week or so I had two huge red ones on my forehead (one by the hair line and one exactly an inch below it) and it was so obvious. They never came to a head so they took over a week to go away. I thought all was going good until....two weeks ago when I