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  1. samrap

    Tretinoin Gel + Doxycycline

    Clindamycin worked great on my skin, but a couple months after it was 99% clear I started breaking out again. I originally had big clusters of pustule and papule acne on the sides of my face, jawline, chin, and a few on my forehead. Nothing over the counter helped at all! After Clindamycin cleared my skin almost 100% (only slight discoloration remained) and began to stop working, my breakouts were much better, only on my jawline and anywhere from 5-15 papules/pustules, much better than before bu
  2. samrap

    Clindamycin Before/After

    A before picture and an after picture of my results with Clindamycin. Unfortunately, about two months after my skin cleared up completely, I began breaking out again, not as bad, but still more than is acceptable. I'm starting a new treatment which I will update week by week.