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  1. Great suggestions. I could see the scalpel being preferable in many cases, though perhaps if the scars are very narrow and rather circular already, the punch tool may be the way to go. I'm not knowledgeable enough to say. I will say that in my case every punch site where the sutures did not fail turned out hardly noticeable after the laser. Great suggestion on taping the area. As mentioned some of my excisions failed due to the sutures pulling through or not being tight enough to close the wo
  2. Misnomer of the century yea, luckily I was under anesthesia while they were burning my face off, i mean touching me with the silk..
  3. It is an awful thought yeah; and so this is a relatively risky procedure in my opinion that people who are relatively not too risk averse may be interested in. But if you have many scars to excise, then I suppose in theory it might become a tiny bit less risky, since you're sort of diversifying? But keep in mind, it's the same Doctor doing every scar, so if the doctor's not good.. I never accepted it that's why i shelled out several thousand $ for a risky procedure . But I tota
  4. Doctors will tell you yes they are, in general. But of course there may be a particularly tough to treat rolling scar that is more difficult to treat than a relatively mild icepick. So it's just a general observation.
  5. Are you serious?? How can masturbation possibly cause acne? I have NEVER heard this before! Guess I just did not understand how masturbation even entered into the picture! I think he means the hormones from masturbating would aggravate acne-prone skin. In my case this is irrelevant though as I have already determined the root cause of my cysts to be dairy consumption. I have drastically reduced my dairy intake and have not had any cysts in over 8 months.Unfortunately, the cysts I did get fr
  6. I want to post regarding your active acne because your skin/acne looks very similar to mine. I should probably add this to the general discussion in the acne forums as well. Anyway, consider your diet. I tried Retin-A (just made me scar with rolling scars) and anti-biotics, which didn't do much. In the end I realized it was all about diet. I think that for minorities especially, diet can cause acne and it's woefully understated how true this is. So for me, it's mainly dairy. Milk will bre
  7. Sorry that was a typo. I spent some time editing the post and hope it is error free now. Thanks.
  8. I guess it's nine years since I've been visiting this board (and battling scars). Over those years I've tried a number of methods to diminish my scars. What follows is a brief summary of my type of scarring and the main methods I've tried to improve them, ending with the punch excisions followed by CO2 silktouch method, which I had done about 4 months ago. I've found very little testimonies about this method and hope it will be of help to this board. Type of scarring: My scarring is mainly
  9. I just posted this in the "Ok guys.." dermarolling thread started by Lamarr, but given the pinned status and title of this thread, thought I should post it here as well. Hope the info helps, thanks. --------------------------------------------------------- I've been doing needling along with LEDs per Lamarr's advice for about the past 6 months. It isn't a miracle cure and the results are slow, but it's the best thing I've ever tried for my scars. It was much better than tca cross especially f
  10. I should post my experience. I've been doing needling along with LEDs per Lamarr's advice for about the past 6 months. It isn't a miracle cure and the results are slow, but it's the best thing I've ever tried for my scars. It was much better than tca cross especially for me (better results, and much less terrible scar magnifying redness). I have ice pick and box car type scarring mainly. The scars that I was most aggressive on (i.e. had the most sessions on and punctured the most times per s
  11. Hey munsoned, your attitude is very positive and inspiring. I'm needling and using the LEDs as well. So far there appears to be potential, I see bits of real improvement after only a couple months. As you said it's a long process. Let's keep chugging along towards our goals. Good luck!
  12. Lamarr, thanks for your help.
  13. Hi Dudley. I don't think it would be appropriate for me to set any price expectations on Frank's behalf. It's probably best if you ask him directly. I'm happy to discuss anything else related to the procedure though
  14. Hey everyone, About 1.5 months ago, I had needling done with Frank at Transitions. As those of you who've met him know, Frank is a really nice guy. He urged me to share my experience with this board in case it helps. When I got to Transitions, Frank first talked with me about the procedure and what I should expect and things of that nature. He and his wife were very nice and hospitable throughout the entire process. They're wonderful people. I wish there were more people like them in the
  15. Hey Lamarr, Sorry to add to the pile of questions. Thanks for giving us such helpful info. I'm wondering: What kind of scars you have? Mine are icepick/boxcar type, not much rolling. Do you think this method will work for me? Secondly, I'm planning on using a 3mm dermaroller. I used a 2.5mm once before and pressed quite hard, but still didn't feel like I was thorough enough when it was all said and done. Do you think 3mm is okay or is that too deep? Do u think I would get the same resu
  16. Jonah


    Well, I used a 2mm dermaroller last time, and pushed pretty hard so that it was basically as far in as it could go - and it wasn't too painful. I mean, it was painful, but certainly bearable. That being said, I expect the 3mm to be significantly more painful, but hopefully I can bare it. I'm interested in going up to 3mm because that is what is used by most doctors when it comes to scars. I know they say that lower depths can also be effective, but they also say it requires more treatments;
  17. I think this thread is worth bumping 1) because the results obtained by some through the dry skin needling procedure are worth being reminded of. 2) because the biotouchcanada website link at the top has been updated to include 2 other patients' results from this procedure. Anyway just thought it was worth a bump. My heart goes out to us all. Best of luck everyone
  18. Jonah


    I did a 2mm dermarolling on myself at home about 3 weeks ago. Haven't noticed any improvement, but it didn't make my scars any worse; and I didn't notice any pinpricks left. In other words seemed neutral. And my skin is the type that you'd be worried about getting made worse by this procedure. I scar kinda easily and I have a lot of ice pick type and enlarged pores clustered together. But like I said 3 weeks later no better, no worse. I'm going to try a 3mm pretty soon. I'll post if that
  19. I agree with the above poster. Honestly, if you get breakouts under control and wait a few months, you'll probably find that your skin looks normal. Certainly don't do any harsh treatments to start out with. It's just not worth it when your scarring is so mild. Consider a non-ablative method. I don't know anything about Fraxel personally, but you might want to look into it. Needling is another I'd consider as it also basically preserves the epidermis. Those are 2 of the more popular non
  20. Haven't tried glycolic myself. I did tca peel at 50% on my nose area. I did it very lightly though, applying only a very thin layer. At any rate, it worked pretty well. The peel was a nice depth and it helped normalize any discoloration and reduced pore size for a ilttle while. The effect on pores is mostly only temporary of course, but I found it to be an effective treatment if you're worred about marks/discoloration. Still, all our skin's different. I'd start out with 12.5% peel to s
  21. More, Thank you so much for sharing your results. Please, please continue to do so. It's such a helpful tool to those of us struggling with the same problem and considering similar treatment. Best of luck. I hope you get great results.
  22. A couple of things. Firstly, I would try needling before TCA, as I've heard that TCA on the nose is a little more unpredictable than it is on say the cheeks area. That being said, I did some TCA on the nose myself a couple years back, and I would say there was very slight improvement. But my point is to try needling first, b/c I did have a couple of large icepicks needled on my nose and got noticeable improvement. Maybe 20-25% in one session, but I had it done by a tattoo gun, so who knows i
  23. Jonah


    I have that same question. bump.