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  1. [attachmentid=5872]The pic you can't really see that well becuase of the flash, becuase my skin is so white from never taking my shirt off :redface:so theres close up and the 'scars' are circled.
  2. Ive been on accutane for about 5 months now for cystic acne all across the top of my back, It is clear apart from some red marks but I'm also left with these small white raised bumps in places (you can see them more clearly when I pull on my skin). Just wondering if these will go down atall or are permanent.. Anybody have anything similair or reccomend scar treatment once I have if finished accutane ?? any comments would be great. p.s Ill post pictures in a few hours.
  3. I have had literally hundreds of nosebleeds, I dont know about dying from having a nosebleed but I have choked badly on a clot that got stuck in my throat which was horrible. When I first started taking accutane I got them the worst, a couple times both my nostrils bled heavily like a tap was on but recently I havent had one in over 2 months which is weird becuase I usually get one every few days.. they just kinda stopped.
  4. How likely is relapse on this, I have been on this drug for 4 months now for very bad acne on my back which was agony. My back is spot free and getting better each day, but I have been reading about peoples acne coming back and I really dont think I could take having it back again how it was.. so how many people have been on a course and it never returning ??
  5. I still train and I'm on accutane, I didn't see any decrease in strength or anything. Although I do like going heavy on squats and my knees have felt a little sore afterwards but its bearable.. Just carry on I'd say and see how you get on..
  6. It varies from person to person. I am on accutane for very bad cystic acne across the top of my back, I started on 20mg and have been for the past 3 months becuase I am responding so well to the treatment. My acne has been reduced from huge cystic bumps to flat marks. My derm also said something about it is better to start on a low dose as it reduces the chance of scarring so being on 20mg is fine..
  7. I'm with allycat on this one, I don't think I know anyone who started on 80mg, it has to be gradual otherwise its a real shock to your system suddenly having 80mg of this pretty powerful drug. Are you sure you are not taking this drug under no supervision ??
  8. I used to have real trouble with cysts on my back, just try your hardest to leave it alone and DO NOT squeeze it, you'll most definately leave a bigger scar and it will stay for longer.
  9. I have been on 20mg of accutane for about 2 months now for pretty severe and extensive cystic/nodular acne across the top of my back. Its gotten alot better but I do still break out, how long will it be until I don't break out atall..?? Also how long does it take all these red marks to go away, most of my cysts and nodules are now small red patches on my skin but still looks bad.. thanks,
  10. Ok, heres my story so far... I am currently taking 20mg of roaccutane and have been doing so for 1.5 months now for for extensive cystic/nodular acne across my back. Even at this small dose there has been considerable improvement on my back. So, before I started the course I had lots of small blackheads on my chest which didn't bother me all too much as they werent even really that noticeable. But, for the past few weeks they have all started pushing out into white heads and leaving red marks e
  11. Ok, so I have been on accutane (20 mg daily) for just over a month for very bad cystic/nodular acne across the top of my back which has gotten so much better just from that small dose which I am carrying on with. Heres my question, before I went on accutane I had alot of tiny black heads on my chest which never came out into full spots. but for the past few weeks I have started breaking out on my chest where all the blackheads were, its not really severe or anything but its like they are all pus
  12. I think no shirt is definately best if you have body acne, I have bad acne across my upper back, I don't cover up my back atall when sleeping ..
  13. I started accutane 2 weeks ago, 20mg a day for a month. I weigh about 155lbs, I have pretty severe cystic/nodular acne on my upper back and mild spots on my face. I found out this was a low dose after talking with freinds, The dermatologist said that it is best to start low and build up to prevent scarring. So far my back has really dried up and breakouts arent nearly as frequent, my face is completely clear.. so hopefully you'll see results as quickly as i did..
  14. Ive been on it for 2 weeks now, Ive had quite a few side affects from it. Ive become really tired most of time time, had a nosebleed almost every other day which is really annoying. My upper back (where my acne is) broke out bad for a few days, I think its just your body producing even more oil becuase the drug is shrinking down the glands..
  15. oops, just realised this is in the wrong forum..sorry.