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  1. Trongie

    It doesnt stay on long enough to have any pro's After I have it on and put on moisturizer etc. if anything touches my face the aha seems to just slowly flake off.... i thought the new formula would help but in my case it goes on ok but flakes off just the same as the old one. will not buy again.
  2. well to the Few rat/hamster experiments i give you this, at a cellular level we are quite similar in function but there are thousands maybe millions of people that use benzoyl peroxide and how many do you hear saying they popped up with cancer one day? bp obviously isnt healthy but neither is walking around with a war going on your face
  3. if it doesnt hurt go for it and its quite expensive idk if it would be practical to do so
  4. u know proactive and acnefree products use bp daily also? let us all go down together with pretty faces but now that you mention this i will definitely limit my Bp usage which i wanted to do anyway since its expensive and time consuming but ive only been doing it once a day for the past 2 years the first year i did it day and night to get rid of all acne but now its pretty much very few acne every once in a while. but yeah although this thread is a bit over the top in its warning, i mean
  5. i wouldnt put too much hope in it. ive had 1 lump for years.. i dunno if it was dans bp or what but it goes down then up then down then up so if you think its going down, its probably not. i've used aha/bio oil and some other stuff nothin works i gave up what are your guys lumps looking like? mine is like a raised scar or some sort sometimes its really hard and feels raised sometimes its really soft and feels like a normal scar
  6. has this been addressed at all???????? i guess not sigh... ill have to reluctantly buy bottles again...
  7. or you could turn your finger to all the foods you eat instead of reading this huge lecture on what expensive products you can buy
  8. happened to me, kept using it and it stopped
  9. although i know this wont happen but i was fine with acne.org on the blue bottles Heheh!!! but that would be great! although youll miss out on advertising but in all honesty who goes and snoops around someones facial products anyway? if they really wanted to buy it they would just ask.
  10. wow i was wondering the same thing because with the tubes it was more watery then anything now its creamy... and a bit smelly but i dont mind the smell.. makes me think its working but interesting to know that this is "Fresh" bp but i do have another bottle in storage which i will compare with in another 6 months or whenever i run out
  11. The burn means its working (crest pro-health rinse commercial)
  12. arent the shipping prices like standard 10.51 for priority mail? doesnt change at all no matter where/how much sketchhHh!
  13. maybe when he switches back to tubes he can just swap designs
  14. first time i saw the new bottles i actually thought they were pretty neat, i dont like how theres a bunch of empty space between everything, that really makes it look amateurish, just put it all in the center, top, bottom, wherever you want and thats it, not all over the place imo. looks like more space is being used then needed and i dont like it. but i dont care either way if it matches my bathroom or looks professional... i just stick it in the drawer or closet after i'm done using it
  15. I used natures cure, it was a joke... ive tried everything from acnefree to clearasil pads to anything you can get over the counter... even if it does work you will be spending more money on over the counter then on dans kit 100$ worth of bp etc could last you 9mo to a year. thats 100$ for your face to save itself from scarring and looking horrible. even Dans regimen doesnt work all the time because there are things you can or cannot do, if you did everything day and day you would prob be on a e