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  1. This is the one, Clean And Clears Soft Oil-free Night Moisturizer http://www.cleanandclear.com/productDetail.do?productid=64 I have been using it for a while and starting to think that maybe it simply has too many ingredients in it and that it is too harsh for sensitive skin.
  2. Hey, I have the same issue as you do. My face has the redness while the rest of me is just fine. Again as with you, I have had it for years and can't figure out how to combat it. I keep trying to see if it is one of my topical products but can't figure it out. One thing that does help is trying to keep your skin well moisturized and being extremely gentle with the skin. Even doing these has only reduced it and not removed it.
  3. I saw this on the news this morning and I think it is a good read for everyone who visits this site. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,431199,00.html
  4. I take a shower in the morning and I do my regimen immediately after except for the cleanser part. I usually doing the cleanser before I take a shower and then I hop in. My question is should I use the cleanser while I am in the shower instead of right before? I can't help but think am I like double washing if I cleanse before and then take a shower. For my second question, If I use the AHA moisturizer every other day instead of once a day will it be still fairly effective at ex-foliating?
  5. I have the same problem as you. The skin on my face is a different color than my neck and the rest of my body. I have tried changing many things and still have the problem. Not sure if the thing that is causing your skin color to be different is the same as mine. Here are some questions to think about: -Does your skin feel tight on your face? -Is it sensitive to environment changes? (like cold to hot place) Sometimes I think the skin can just be really stubborn when you put products on it
  6. I noticed you don't use a cleanser in the morning, I was thinking about doing the same as maybe using a cleanser twice a day is too much. Do you think just water in the morning would be okay for me? I guess I could just give a try.
  7. I am looking to replace my moisturizer because it really doesn't hydrate my skin at all (doesn't calm redness either =/) and I was looking at this moisturizer. I was wondering if anyone has tried this product or can recommend me a good moisturizer. I have combo and very sensitive skin. http://www.walgreens.com/beauty/product.js...id=prod2560890# I also also thinking maybe about going back to cetaphil but it made my skin look shiny.
  8. I guess I should try changing my cleanser first, I was thinking about trying purpose cleanser to see if that will help me out. As for the skin, I have combo skin.
  9. I am having a problem with my skin feeling tight (no flakiness) but I am not sure if it is my cleanser that is doing it to me or the lack of moisturizing from the moisturizer I use. You can see in my signature what products I am using. Also the dryness tends to stay with me all day.
  10. It is not easily to meet "good" friends whether you have acne or not. I think acne just makes it even harder than what is already was. Once you leave school, it becomes a whole lot harder just because of the fact you won't meet as many people.
  11. The reason there is no known cause for acne is because drug companies and scientists simply do not care about acne. When people talk about acne, they simply think "oh it is just acne." This kind of attitude stops most people from caring and simply releasing the same products over and over. Don't you wonder why there are so little topical or ever new treatments available? They refuse to put much effort into this field.
  12. 1. Is an all-natural cleanser bad as in does it leave behind residue? - I ask this because I am using sea breeze all-natural cleanser (it is in clay form) and I wanted to know whether or not this is hurting my skin. I remember reading somewhere that clay cleansers tend to leave behind residue. 2. Is it okay to use AHA moisturizer while I using tea tree oil? - I was thinking about using an AHA moisturizer again to help with red marks and maybe with acne a little bit but my problem is that w
  13. I am in the same situation as a lot of people. BP has left red marks on my face and I only spot treat now. I also used to do the regimen but it made my face too red since I have very sensitive skin. The problem with tea tree oil is that it is not as effective as BP when it comes to treating acne. I use it now and I do break out a little bit with using tea tree oil.
  14. Hey Brandy, yea I think you are right about the fact just about anything can give me redness. I have tried dermatologist's in the past but they have yet to give me anything that works well. I think the problem might be in the fact that I am highly resistant to most drugs. I am highly skeptical when it comes to dermatologists because they have never really been helpful in the past. I believe this site has been the most informative to me in both knowledge, methods and treatments. I forget wha
  15. Hello Everyone, it has been a long time since I have posted here and came back for some advice. I have mild/moderate acne and have had it for a long time. I know it is hormonal acne. I tried the regimen almost a year back and stuck with it for like 8 to 10 months. I stopped or wanted to change it because it made my skin red. I simply couldn't find what was doing this and looked for alternatives. At the moment, my regimen is not bad but is not great either. The condition of my skin is mild