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  1. you look like the majority of your scars are rolling and boxcar, subcision along with derma stamps would most likely be the best options in terms of cost efficiency. To really get rid of them i think you should invest into some deep laser resurfacing (thinking more CO2 laser instead of like fraxel). the good news is your scars arent that deep so if you can smooth them over with what i just said im pretty sure you'll get good results!
  2. i guess everyones scars are more visible in their own eyes but theyre still there, im just wondering what potential options i have to remove them.
  3. Hey guys first time posting here... about to graduate high school and before i go to college in cali i want to get rid of my acne scars to the best of my ability. I have a couple of rolling scars/boxcar scars after years of acne that i'll post in the photos below. What would be the best treatment options for my scars? In some of the photos they dont look that bad but in other lighting my face looks like it got hit with a bunch of small hammers.