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  1. Is this the right one? Green Tea Extract (60 caps) Natrol The antioxidant benefits of Green Tea are attributed to its high level of polyphenols. Of the 4 primary Green Tea polyphenols, Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the most effective. Natrol's Green Tea offers 50% polyphenols providing 35-40% total catechins. Supplement to be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise program. Results may vary. Supplement Facts Serving Size 3 capsules Servings Per Container 20 -
  2. This is probably on the thread somewhere but does anyone know a good derm in NY that does fraxel and fillers and is concerned about treating acne. If anyone knows please let me know.
  3. anyone know, I am really desperate?
  4. Do you think this would help with rolling scars, they are pretty new only had them anout a month and not that deep, only 2 of them? Also I have been off Accutane for about a month, anyone know if it is safe to use?
  5. Thank you I think you are right. Any clue if your pores will get smaller after a few weeks? My pores are huge now. My gyno also told me (not that he is a derm) but I look more swollen and it didnt look like roscea but I should go to another derm and get another opinion.
  6. yes it was very red, but my skin is alittle red to begin with. I have been putting the stuff on that the derm gave me and it is alittle better, but my skin just looks shitty, weird. pores are huge and still have alittle bumps, but they arent pimples, I dont know hopefully this will go away
  7. Just finished tane and got diagnosed with roscea. Know any good tips, and does it always itch this much?
  8. I swear if it is not one problem it is another. I have been off tane for 5 days now....woohooo, no more cysts, but I was getting these weird bumps on my face that were red and itchy, I go see my derm yesterday and he tells me it is roscea. Let me start off by saying I never had roscea before. I asked him if the tane could have caused it he said no but I find that hard to believe because my face wasnt the whole reason i even went on tane it was for my back. dont get me wrong i have pimples here a
  9. does anyone know how to treat this, my derm will not see me today =(
  10. I am on my last week of Tane 98% clear. But my face looks terrible!! I have this rash that is alittle itchy and my skin looks bumpy and rashy? Did this ever happen to anyone? I had the rash on my body but never my face. My pores look big and just terrible. Any tips, anyone evr go through this, did it stop after you were done with your course? If so how long...So down from this, if it is not one ting it is another...WHY couldnt I just have nice skin???
  11. I am very fair and usually burn without being on tane. I went to the tanning salon and went on a bed for 6 minutes, came out perfect just got alittle tan. Then 2 days later went to the beach. Put 50 spf on my face and 8 spf on my body. was at the beach for 3 hours and brought an umbrella in case i felt like i was burning. it worked out pretty well. Got just enough sun without burnin but enough to look like I had alittle color. it actually cleared up my back which has been breaking out constantly
  12. Did anyone take tane for there bacne? I am on tane for alittle over 3 months and I am still breaking out. Now I have like 3 more cysts on my back? I am on 80mg a day. Did anyone take tane for their bacne, if so how long did it take to stop breaking out on the back and how long did it stay clear? Please some advice I am so depressed about this!
  13. I thought I was finally clearing then bam my back just wont totally clear, yes it imporoved but come on. I have been on Accutane for 3 months 80mg weight 110lbs. I only have one month left. Did anyone go through this? How long wil the back take to clear. This is so embarassing, every time it breaks out I get so depressed!. Now summer is here and I want tio wear those cute tank tops and cant cause my bacne shows. Any advice will really helpb. this is ruining my life, i dont even want to sleep wit