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  1. hi i was wondering if any one could advise me on what to do i went to a local clinic for laser hair removal on the sides of my face she said yes we could do this but advised to do it all over the face as i have acne and scarring she told me she thinks this would help to clear it. she did a test patch on the side of my face (where there isnt much acne) and thats fine at the moment 3 days on. what do you think? she also suggested a cream called 'tret' she could provide i am guessing she means t
  2. hello, the foundation im using at the moment leaves my skin very greasy and its very heavy (think its Estee Lauder Double Wear Fndation) I am looking for maybe a mineral fndation but i live in the UK and i have heard bad reviews about Bare Minerals so i dont want to try that. I have seen excellent reviews for Merle Norman Mineral makeup but have been unable to find it in the UK. So If anyone has any suggestions and reviews and experiences of good foundation that would be great! thanks
  3. hello guys, i am after a bit of info/advice... basically i had acne since i was 15 and im now 22. when i was a teen i tried everything from the doctors: topical, oral antibiotics etc etc. after it didnt clear i was refered to a dermotologist (i cant really remember what she gave me/told me) but in the end i was prescribed roaccutane after persisting and asking for it from my GP. My acne cleared for 2 and half years as i was still on Dianette (it was bril! i cannot tke oral contraceptives now
  4. hello, i have only been taking green tea extract (315mg) for almost a week now, started by taking 2 for a few days now 3 capsules. and have noticed my skin has become dry and flaky on the surface but hasnt actually done anything for the amount of oil produced?
  5. well i have started taking green tea extract capsules (315mg of green tea each capsule) i have started on 2 a day and now am on 3, but dont know when i should start seeing results, i hope its soon!
  6. hi, for those who take green tea extract capsules, how much were you taking a day and when did you start to see results in oil production?
  7. hi, i was on accutane last year for 6 months (60mg) and my acne cleared up pretty well (im just left with scars and redness on my cheeks) but since ive been off it, iol production has gone crazy! my hair is greasy after ive washed it, my face always looks wet because its so greasy. ive tried Vitamin b5 + zinc & it doesnt seem to do anything for me (& it cost me loads) im also on the pill Dianette and have been for ages now, this doesnt seem to really do anything either. Apart from this,
  8. hey, are there any health risks involved with taking a high dosage of vitamin b5? at first i thought it was ridiculous to take over 6g of b5 per day as its so many tablets per day, but after taking 6g for a few days my oil production reduced incredibly and it was great. but i just wonder if it can be good for you to take so many pills a day?
  9. thanks for the advice, ill start taking 3g i think from now. Will omega 3 fish oils and flax seed oil capsules help with oiliness too?
  10. i cant take 10g of b5, i think its ridiculous to be popping that many pills and anyway in the product ratings most people have said that 10g is way too much and 1g will be fine. thanks for the reply though
  11. hello all, i have suffered from acne for 5 years i went on accutane for 5 months last year and it cleared my acne up pretty well (am just left with redness and scarring but thats ok) anyway i have incredibly oily skin, i have to wash my hair every day and my face just looks wet its so YUK! anyway have been taking 1g of vitamin b5 for a week havnt seen any improvement yet, but i am also wondering if i should take: Flax seed oil capsules? (will this make an improvement? and how much should i take?
  12. Hi, i have been taking 1g of vitamin b5 for a week now, i know thats not a long time but i have seen no results in the oil reduction. I was wondering if the powder you get from www.skinb5.com is any different to taking the regular pills? It seems much more expensive than buying vitamin b5 tablets too, so is there any difference? and do you think its worth me buying some powder from skinb5? Thanks!
  13. hello, was just wondering if anyone knows where i would be able to purchase vitamin b5 in the uk? thanks!
  14. hello! i finished my accutane about 1 month ago- i was on 60mg a day for 4 months. The acne has cleared but i am still left with scars and redness, but the worst thing is the oil my face is producing! it has gone crazy! I hate it so much, after about half an hour of washing my face, my skin looks wet from the oiliness. My hair is very greasy too, i have to wash it everyday again. I am still taking the contraceptive pill Dianette too. My question is, is there anything that can REALLY help with
  15. For those of you that have had acne scars before you went on the accutane, did the accutane help the scarring in any way?
  16. Hi, i have been on accutane 60mg now for almost 2 months, i havent really noticed anything yet apart from slight dryness and my skin looks very red, but this week i have had a slight breakout & am hoping it doesnt get too bad. anyway, i was wondering if using benzoyl peroxide as well as accutane would have any affects good or bad? as i have been using it still since i started accutane. x
  17. my derm also doesnt know much about accutane! i was asking her stuff like 'how bad could my initial breakout be and does it happen to everyone, and she was like 'your skin will just get dry but it will completely clear and you wont have a breakout!' if i didnt come on this site i wouldnt know anything about accutane!
  18. Hi, im starting accutane in a couple of days (60mg a day) and was wondering what should i start using on my skin? i use just a simple vitamin E face wash and have been using Benzoyl peroxide for the last 5/6 months, should i carry on using the benzoyl for a few days or completely stop? any advice would be appreciated! oh and can anyone reccomend any good moisturisers/washes etc.
  19. hey thanks for the info. im so nervous about starting accutane!
  20. Hi, i should be starting accutane in a couple of weeks, im just wondering about the 2 week 'break-out' period. Does this happen to everyone? and if you have had it how bad has your acne gone? Also realisticly when should i start to see any sort of improvement in my acne? thanks. xxx
  21. thanks for the reply its reassured me to keep going with the bp.x
  22. when i first started on the bp a few weeks ago my skin started clearing up the moment i started using it, now im getting so many spots? is this a common thing to happen or is something wrong? it just seems to be getting worse and worse. please help.x
  23. cool, thanks for your help! ill go buy some tomorrow!x
  24. Hi, i just started using benzoyl peroxide about a week ago and i find it works really well for my acne. but my skin has become so dry and flaky i cant even put any make-up on. i use a moisturiser i really like, its not a fancy one (i find they dont really do anything for acne skin types in the uk unless its really expensive) its just a normal one from the body shop (vitamin E moisturiser) i find this really helps smoothing my skin and helping with the scars i have. i only use the bp at night now
  25. ok, so i went to a clinic to have glycolic peels, after having only two i decided to stop because i felt it was a complete waste of time and money! however i am still using the products that i brought from them, which are: Glycolic facial wash (12%) and a bioglycolic lotion to use after the wash (with salicylic acid 2%) but i really havent seen a difference to my scarring and spots, could it be that these products are just to harsh? and i have been using these for about 2 months now.