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  1. hi all, i have acne and oily skin, and i use everyday minerals loose powder foundation in MATTE. after 2-3 hours, my makeup tends to cake up and looks pretty awful from up close. what kind of moisturizer do you reccomend to prevent cakiness? currently, i use neutrogena ultrasheer dry touch sun block spf 30 before applying the minerals. oh, and i use the finishing dust right after using the foundation. please help.
  2. Siesta's great! it's the first and only blush i use. i'm sure it was discontinued back in october-november '07...or maybe earlier?
  3. the only brand that seems to fit me perfectly (i'm 5'2") is L.E.I in SHORT. they drag a bit when i wear flats but doesn't when i were chucks.
  4. i would break out in my chin area for a while and then it clears up. but usually when my chin clears up, my forehead breaks out like crazy?!?! ahhhh.. then the opposite happens.
  5. before my nose pores were like 90% free of visible blackheads. after about 3 weeks of using fote aloe vera, my nose pores got very clogged. when i run my finger down my nose it feels pretty hard which is better for unclogging 8% glycolic wash (make me red) or 2% salicylic acid (haven't used this for over 3 years & don't remember results)?
  6. i went to get my braces tighten yesterday and the dental assistant kept grabbing and pushing my left cheek during the whole process. it was horrible!! i don't have any acne or pimple there, just some small white bumps under the skin. am afraid that i will starting breaking out.
  7. grr. i unconsciously touch/pick my face whenever i study at my desk. i picked at like two acnes today and now they are red and scabby. does anyone else have this problem?
  8. what is soft/hard water ????
  9. and my face feels tight and irritated. i was playing badminton in the sun for too long (50 mins - i live in So Cali and the weather was 80?+ degrees) and i got kinda sunburned. i was wondering if aloe will help my face as well as my active acne & scars if i use it long term... oh yeah, the aloe vera was fresh and refrigerated and was in plant form.
  10. is waterproof makeup bad for acne?? i've been using Almay's Moisture Tint Sports Formula and so far i haven't had any bad breakouts yet. but i'm afraid that all the sweating and stuff can cause me to badly break out later on.