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  1. Broke me out!

    I didn't think I had "break out prone" skin, but trying to find a foundation (switching from mineral powder bc I feel like it dulls complexion) & about everything so far has caused acne. I only wore this the last 2 days & each day have more & more spots. Deeeep painful ones & little white heads also. I have very dry skin & I felt Oily & like I had a mask on. (Which it did help flaky spots a bit) Second day I used just tiny amount thinking it would b better. Nope. I do lik
  2. Not for acne prone skin

    Doesn't have much coverage. Good for dry skin, which I have. Wore it for 5 hrs & face is covered in spots now. As long as I stick w my skin care routine, I'm not usually sensitive to makeup products either. Proceed w caution!
  3. Everyone should TRY it

    Not for me... But changed my thoughts on skincare. I started w EVOO & cold pressed castor oil from the health food store. Took before & after pics that I'm embarrassed to show- but it completely healed my acne in 3 days!!! Then, I found the jojoba oil I was searching for & replaced the EVOO w that. Broke out the next day. Tried coconut oil, grape seed,hemp seed oil which has 0 rating for clogging pores & it clogged my pores!!! My skin must b backwards bc this is typical it seems
  4. Not for sensitive skin

    Why do nearly all of neutrogena's products have fragrance?!?? If u have sensitive skin, look out for fragrance on ur skincare ingredients!!! If its in a cleanser, it may be alright.. Def not if ur leaving on ur skin tho.
  5. Fitnessmom

    Always come back

    Always come back

    I have never been able to use liquid foundations, bc I feel like I have a mask on- or like my skin can't.. Breathe. Whatever. So, before there was mineral makeup all over drugstore shelves, I tried this mousse foundation. For some reason I switched to mineral powders, & recently bought another jar of this bc I haven't been happy w the powder. I use retinA at nite & felt like my skin got too dry throughout day. This did the trick. Note: if u have dry patches, this will make them stick
  6. Fitnessmom

    Not for me

    Not for me

    I absolutely LOVE cerave moisturizers. Found my HG w them. I waited too long to try them tho bc of my experience w this cleanser. I've not been able to use consistently, so if you don't have issues right away, it's prob just MY skin. If I use when I have a blemish, it will burn me. I have tried to like it several times now, but I find every time I use it, I will develop a white head by the next day. I also feel like it leaves a layer or a film on my face ??? Hard to describe. Tried to like it
  7. Changed my skin!!!

    **BACKGROUND** Skin type- normal/dry/sensitive, but dealing w very dry cheeks from harsh products (trying to cure my acne from outside instead of from inside) And from retin-A treatment. Prior to this I had been using cetaphil moisturizing lotion bc others irritate skin. Hormonal imbalance gave me cystic ance on cheeks/ jawline. I did my research & tried the "oil cleansing method" which healed all blemished w/in 3 days. (Yes!! OIL on my face!!) Then I noticed clogged pores, something I've n