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    i <3 bon jovi...that is all
  1. Happy Birthday Hunni!!!!!!!!

  2. accutane with poor results?? no! don't tell me that! it's my last chance
  3. bonjovi_gurl


    photo album...with pictures
  4. practiv=waste of money it totally cleared my skin up for a few months, but my skin gradually got worse and worse until it's never been that bad..i stopped using it and up until this day my skin is worse then it used to be THANK YOU PROACTIV
  5. i have tried nearly EVERYTHING i'm so sick of my skin, and to make it even worse, all my friends have perfect skin and its just like "WHY ME!?!?!" why do i have to be the only one so i've tried nearly everything...and now i'm on roaccutane as a last resort. its been about 4 maybe 5 weeks, still not much improvement...though i do have incredibly dry lips, back pains and my nose is really sensitive, sometimes it bleeds... anyway, my point is that i feel like nothing works so i may as well just
  6. does it work for anyone else? it doesn't for me...i dont understand like, all the ingredients are really gentle so HOW could it possibly help
  7. let me just start off by saying... I HATE ACNE!!! grrr I'm on roaccutane, i have been for about 4 or 5 weeks and i can't say there's been much improvement i use cetaphil but i think it's crap...so...anyone else who is on roaccutane, what is a good cleanser to use??? thanks