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  1. Hey everyone, i used to use bonnebell ten-0-six mud mask, it was really good, but every shop I go into now doesn't seem to sell it and every online store (at least in Australia) say they're out of stock. That goes for the oat mask one. So I've connected the dots and am guessing they no longer make the stuff. So I'm in the market for a new one, except I've got no clue as to what's decent. Would anyone out there have a reccommendation? Cheers
  2. wait what? How does taking the Fish Oil bring on hair loss when on Accutane???????? Cos my family has a stupid number of bald dudes, and I've been taking fish oil while on tane cos I was told the omega 3 helps counteract the tane effects!
  3. because of I've got a pretty high metabolism I find it hard to put on weight so the protein stuff I was taking while working out apparently has 17% of my daily vit A requirements..... suffice to say when I read that I shit bricks and went and got another blood test for the liver. It was okay but I've cut back to half the serve size and am actually thinking of dropping it all together until I'm off tane.
  4. I do it twice a week now, I used to do it everyday but because I was usually showering after exercise at the end of the day I found on accutane it left the face a lot more sensitive and the constant brushing was a bit too much.
  5. i know what you mean, after exercise it's not just the usual flushed red face from physical exertion, its like the skin is i dunno, burnt/irritated. I just thought maybe with all the accutane the face isn't so healthy, maybe it's lacking vitamins and minerals and whatever because of the course. So I've been eating really healthy for about 3 weeks now, and it's definitely getting better and the overall tone and complextion is getting much better
  6. i've been reading through a lot of the posts relating to green tea. I was pretty sure before hand that green tea was really good for you but the links with oily skin i couldn't ignore and when thinking about it myself I realised it was having the same effect on me. But it was the same effect as coffee does, so I put it down to the caffeine. Hence I switched to white tea that apparently has next to no caffeine at all. White is definitely a more expensive tea and so I thought why waste my time d
  7. wait wait, is Spironolactone only for women??
  8. i've had acne since i was 13/14 and am now 24, accutane was brillant my face is clear, i just have redness in some places that I'm pretty sure is pigmentation scarring that doesn't heal well while on tane, so we'll see after I've finished. A lot of the side effects I found i didn't have which I think eating health and exercising may have helped reduce them. Mostly I think that as I'm older compared to teens and all that crazy growth, the accutane doesn't have such a severe effect. all i had was
  9. is there any way to save this thread? there's lots of recepies and good advice here I want to come back to and check up on
  10. also while holistics is great, keep in mind ego's and single minded beliefs: holistics people talk about accutane like religion preaches about science no reason why you can't do tane and eat/be healthy
  11. I know what you mean about going through the holistic motions and not getting solid results acne wise. I've also done the roaccutane treatment. The decision to go on roaccutane is smaller than you think if you just tone down all the experiences people are shouting at you and look at the stats. For 90% of people it sends it into remission, 60% it wipes out the acne. The people who had bad side effects are going to shout the loudest, the people it worked for don't, and probably don't even come to
  12. man all this stuff I'm ordering in each month, I'll have to get a second job just to support this acne habit cheers guys I'll check these all out
  13. thanks for that, someone also told me a brand called Xtend-life is good only prob with living where I do you have to order this stuff in, any decent Aussie distributors out there?
  14. sweet I usually take the fish oil and vit's together anyway, I guess most people use regular brands at the supermarket and it works for them so maybe it isn't that big a deal?