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  1. I'm glad you responded your experience Alicia! I'm more concerned with the later affects of the cream then the present. After reading this I will be sending it back after all. Thank you!
  2. I wanted to jump in here one more time and say that this morning one of my little tiny pitted scars on my nose is almost gone after only using this stuff 3 days. I was ready to send it back because of some saying it didn't work and I wasn't seeing anything happening. I only gave it a few days. My skin is looking better. Though the red spot has not vanished, my cut is almost gone, my pores are starting to look smaller along with my skin is softer than ever. I found the Elicina on Ebay for $1
  3. I would like to add that if you do decide to buy it anyways, you might want to consider looking on Ebay. I saw it on there for under $20 without the money back guarantee. If you buy from Bioskin it is about $45 with a money back guarantee minus your return shipping cost and another minus there processing fee of $9. Bioskin also has a trial size for less, but I had to do a trial size search for it. Seems there are many sites selling the snail cream for different prices with different info on
  4. So far it is making my skin soft. It must be different for everyone. I will be getting my money back on it. Not worth the price just to make my skin soft.
  5. Okay here is the update for the first fay. My skin problems are pigment discoloration and various types of scars and one little red mark. I put the Elicina on a few spots on my face this morning and then again this eve. I also put it on a cut. My skin is itching here and there and it does feel softer. Nothing dramatic yet. I paid $45 for it and came from Chile. Took less than a week to get here. For day one I would say I would pay $5 for it since it works super for a skin softener.
  6. I'll letcha know if it works. I just bought some of the snail cream today and will take before and after pics. Snail cream...what we go through for beauty!
  7. Hawaiian Tropic for babies. Good stuff!
  8. Hi! I have no experience with it. Have heard stories and was discouraged to do it. Here is a website that might be helpful. http://www.orentreich.com/silicone_injections.htm T/C
  9. I have the microdermabrasion cloth and use it once a month. Direction say to use every 7 to 10 days. Go easy, spending no more 90 seconds total for 1st treatment. If you decide to get the cloth, I highly suggest to be very very careful. You can take off you skin and have what looks like burn marks. It will not get rid of or lessen scars. It does help stimulate and exfoliate skin Do not use in conjunction with an ongoing chemical peel or aluminum oxide crystal regimen! Do not use with alco
  10. Hello! I live in the Mojave Desert and use sun block for babies. Hawaiian Tropic 50. Gentle on the face.
  11. Have no idea how much it will cost. Des Fernandes did not answer in depth how, but anyone can email him and ask questions.
  12. Hi iamnikii! From my experience the best advice I would give anyone is to see a dermatologist first. Retin A worked for me to get rid of break outs. I had microdermabrasion done three times and it worked to fade out some light scars and even my skin tone, but my pores seem to be more noticeable now. I haven't found the best solution for me on deep scars yet. Feel free to join in any where on the threads. There are lots of helpful people and ideas on this site!
  13. www.pacifichealthproducts.com/resorcinol.htm You can also put in a search where can I buy " " in any search engine and come with lots more sites.