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  1. Hi all - I started taking some additional vitamins a few months ago to help with my scars: AM - multi-vitamin, Vitamin C Late Afternoon - Vitamin C, Vitamin E Is anyone else taking Vitamin C and having trouble sleeping? Is it possible that this is why I'm having trouble sleeping? I've been through everything else I can think of and it occurred to me today that both things started around the same time. Also, does anyone else find that they urinate more when taking Vitamin C? TIA, Steph
  2. Thanks for your responses - I did a treatment last week, 20 min of sit time with no rubbing. The peel was great and I think it actually is closing some of my scarred pores/blackheads up. Not much improvement on my 'big' scars yet but I'll take whatever I can get!!
  3. Hi all, I've gone through the APEEL Correct process twice now - specifically on my scarring and a couple other of places that I'm interested in improving texture. I followed the instructions about rubbing it in with q-tips, followed by the sit time. The peeling has been fine but I find that I'm peeling more in the areas that I didn't work in with qtips. Has anyone else experienced this? I hardly peel in my scarred area but the other places, wow! What would you all recommend? Am I possibly
  4. I can't speak much to the spots - I have never really had any, just scars without the color.
  5. Yes, I am using the Acne Free Scar Eraser. What I was trying to say is that I am also using a mild microdermabrasion-type cleanser. I believe it is the Scar Eraser that is actually helping with the scars but think my cleanser may also help with getting the dead skin and crap off. Sorry for the confusion...just wanted everyone to know my regimen and didn't want to mislead anyone.
  6. Hi folks, been a while since I posted but I did start using this product back in late Oct/early Nov. I am not using any other treatment for my scars currently except for a mild cleanser that has the little beads in it to sluff off the dead stuff. My experience has been good and I plan to continue using it. Initially I did experience minor breakouts (I'm hesitant to use that word because I just got a few red lumps that never actually came to a head and were easily covered by makeup). I do not
  7. No, but I had stumbled onto this doctor's website as well and was thinking about going in for a consult. Decided to hold off since most treatments aren't in my budget right now. If you go, please post with your thoughts!
  8. It's definitely for scarring, although maybe they make one for active acne too. It said "NEW" on the box so I would assume it's newer to the market. It has the same active ingredient as the AcneFree Scar Eraser kit and also has the sunblock plus and exfoiliator.
  9. Wondering the same thing here...went in to buy the AcneFree Scar Eraser kit today and saw this too. Decided to hold off on either to see what the experiences here were, if any. Thanks!
  10. Anyone familiar with a Dr. Golberg (or something similiar, I can't read my Dr's writing). He just referred me to this Dr on Tuesday for scar treatment. Hopefully I'll get in in the next couple months and will keep you posted.
  11. I have the same thing (no bags, just circles) and in my case, it's definitely hereditary (mom and grandmom both have it). Makeup helps a little and I can definitely notice a difference depending on sleep or lack thereof. I've found the best product for me personally is the Anew line from Avon. I believe I use Force Extra (silver jar). I've tried a lot of products claiming to help but that's the only one that I've seen a distinct difference.
  12. Oh yay, please post DC metro people!! I live in Reston and would love to find someone who specializes in scars. I'm past the acne stage (knock on wood) so I don't want to go to a regular derm. I plan to ask my regular doc (who knows everyone under the sun) and will post if I find out anything. We should start a DC scar support group
  13. I will echo the Accutane sentiments. My acne started at 13/14...I had a few months of repreive over the years when the doctor would stumble on something that would clear me up for a bit. Finally, at 20, I was put on the 'tane and haven't had any trouble since (the occassional breakouts due to dirt/oil and/or hormones). Now it's onto the scars...
  14. Great to hear about your results Buddhist!! I, too, have had some positive from needling...can't hardly wait a month in between (of course, I do) to see how the next round will turn out. Good luck!
  15. I'm interested to know this too. This sounds like what I have on one of my cheeks...of course, it is a rasied area right in the middle of allmy depressed scars so it makes the area look 10 times worse than it is. I've been applying the Avon Anew "laser" treatment to the area, which does seem to have helped a little but if someone knows how to get rid of it completely, please post!!