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  1. + 1 Year update Hi I havent been on this site much, which is a good sign. My scars have continued to improve, to the point where they dont bother me much anymore. I have been on holiday a few times and got a tan, which has really helped. Shallow Temple scars have been obliterated, shallow scars on the right cheek are only noticable up close, not noticable in most lighting. Deep scars on left cheek have seen 30- 40% improvement to what they looked like right after accutane. Not using any
  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/...isappeared.html Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko appears to have his movie star features back after dioxin poisoning in 2004 turned the smooth-faced Adonis into a pockmarked bulldog. Latest images of Mr Yushchenko swimming in the icy waters of a lake in Kiev suggest he has full-recovered from the disfigurement and scarring which ruined his face. The charismatic president is pictured with a big smile on his unblemished face as he marks Epiphany
  3. I hope you are ok, have not heard from you for a while and your last thread was worrying

  4. Pop 2 capsules of lamberts starflower oil and that will solve your problems.
  5. Hi Im looking at having the Pixel done in a London clinic, but the prices compared to the US are extortionate! £1200 for 1 treatment. For you US ppl thats about $2400..ish. 1 treatment. Do you know of any other UK Prices? I have been quoted £1200 for 3 Pixel treatments at The Private Clinic. About to book my first session for next week... very nervous tho :unsure: Wow Come to derby and get it done for 200 quid a pop. Derby skincare and laser clinic.
  6. Neither Id give them the finger and do 20 pixel sessions on the highest settings.(£4000 / £200 = 20)
  7. Hi I havent tried it yet. I have ordered evening primrose oil, its on its way. Do you use e 45 cream at all? Also, there is something called melatonin cream, have you tried it?, it seems to be effective http://curezone.com/ig/f.asp?f=2215
  8. Ok, while this may seem trivial to some, I can assure you this condition is NO JOKE. I am going to see the derm about this, has anyone else on this website got this condition. I think the scientific term is Exfoliative Cheilitis I stopped accutane a year ago yet my lips still chap. Ive tried vaseline, e 45 , all of it is temporary relief. When saliva mixs with dried lip skin it creates a horrible GOO which congeals around your lip. This is awful!
  9. Hi From reading your posts it sounds like you "had" similar scarring to what i have. After roaccutane(uk) i was left with scared cheeks that has made me look weathered to be polite. oLD looking! Im 24, too young to be looking like this. Well iv gone through 5 IPLS with little improvement, and have been playing with the idea of the Pixel treatment. Has it really sorted out the skin texture and scars etc..?
  10. ***Note*** I have been off accutane for a year now, and Ive been doing Retina A 1% religiously. That may also have something to do with it. I heard someone else say their skin filled in after coming off accupoison. Either way, Im not complaining.
  11. I rarely visit this site anymore, testament to the fact that my 4 Pixel laser sessions have helped me. I would recommened it to anyone suffering from light to moderate scarring but unwilling to do excisions etc to make their scarring worse. Now I just have to solve these other problems cheilitis (thanks accutane!) and Dandruff (again, thanks accutane!)