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  1. Will I still get the full effect of the medicine and can it eventually harm me?
  2. Many times when I swallow my accutane pill, I feel like it hits my throat and it feels slightly uncomfortable from 2 minutes up to like 30 mins then that feeling goes away. In the past this used to happen occassionally but now a lot more often, I'm on my 6 month btw. I swallow the pill with 2 glasses of water, but when that happens does it mean the pill gets stuck in my throat and not going down?
  3. Same here great improvement, but I'll need more then 6 months unfortunatelty
  4. That's shit! But it makes me wonder, how the hell people with large cysts get them healed so fast on tane?? My cousin who recommended me tane, his acne was horrible, he had cysts upon cysts, his face and back was always in pain and after only about 3 months of treatment all of his cysts were nearly gone, this is makes me wonder because cysts like that take ages to heal. Lets see water others say, if more responses will come.
  5. All he did is take it before I started the meds, but I'm starting my 4 month in a few days and still no blood tests. I did 2 months 40mg and 3rd month 80/40mg alternating a day and I weigh 163lbs. I asked him after finishing my 2nd month and he said next time and now after my 3rd month he said the same thing. I read places that some derms don't take blood tests throughout the whole treatment since it's very rare liver damage happens mostly to people that are on real high doses but still sounds
  6. That is the dumbest thing I ever heard. 60-80% of people are permanently cured after one course!
  7. You are all so stupid, it's great if guys take birth control pills, I do it so I don't get pregnant, you never know males may get pregnant too
  8. Dude most people need only one course of accutane and 2 the most! If it comes back after 2 that means it just isn't working on you!
  9. I told him about the nausea I'm getting from accutane (feel relieved that it's ok lol), he said as long as it's not severe and I ain't vomiting it's ok but he said you should be happy you have virtually no side effects like dry skin, chapped lips etc. Shit I rather have that then this stinking nausea!
  10. Family history of acne: My father (outgrow it at 18), uncle had a lot (outgrow it at 20-21), mother (very mild in her teens (since then never acne again) only my sister still has acne as an adult but only on her chin, she had a lot in her teens Body acne: Got it at 17, it was mild-to moderate now I'm 19 1/2 and it became mild Since when I got acne: At the age of 10 I started getting blackheads and whiteheads and I was naturally cleared at 13, at 14 acne started to come and at 15 it became
  11. Heh? I thought it was somewhere between 120mg-150mg/kg??
  12. Well first of all I have moderate severe acne on my face and mild acne on my back and moderate on my shoulders. I'm on 80mg on one day, and 40 the other (alternating dose). Since those 3 months, my back is almost completely clean and smooth, just a couple of zits across. My right shoulder is mostly clean and my left is kinda getting there. My face I only have some stuff left on my upper cheecks and sides. The part where my beard grows and chin is completely clean and nice, except I do have a goo
  13. Ok I feel better, like I said I weigh 73kgs so I could handle up to 80mg, and I started 80/40mg on month 3, that would be crazy to start 20 weeks from month 4 lol. But just to get this right now and I see you understand this well, even if I never reached a 1mg/kg a day but I hit a cumulative dose of at least 120mg/kg should I be fine?
  14. When did i say that? **Acne therapy is usually initiated at a dose of 0.5mg/kg daily for the first 2-4 weeks and then increased to 1.0mg/kg/day for the remainder of the 20 week course. Sorry meant no offense, you didn't state it, you put down a quote that had it in, I think that would be insane, since not everybody needs a 1mg/kg in their treatment, some go 0.5mg/kg throughout the whole treatment and do fine.
  15. I'm being treated by a dermatologist. I don't know why he does blood test every 3 months, truthfully I would want to change him, he seems to be a idiot, but I have this shity city insurance and I have to go through a bunch of hassle to change a specialist, and most of them are in hospitals where you wait like the whole day to see them but anyways... I weigh 73kg (162lbs) and am on 80/40mg a day (3rd month). First 2 months was 40mg. This month I have definitely noticed a good deal less outbreaks