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  1. I use a leave in conditioner. Biolage makes one. Elli
  2. Another tip......no eyebrow waxing. It takes the skin right off! Elli
  3. Your Doc has to be enrolled in the IPledge program before he can prescribe accutane. Usually Derms are in the program. You need to see a Derm. Elli
  4. ok ipledge is a federal program or something. you have to be in the program for 31 days before you can start accutane. every month you'll have to answer questions on the ipledge website. theres a lot more things girls have to do, but i think thats all the guys have to do. its pretty lame but w/e. i was supposed to start the accutane the other day but i have to wait 31 days b/c my doctor apparently didnt know you had to be in the program that long. so yeah. good luck though!
  5. heyy im glad the accutane worked for you! ill be starting it soon
  6. sorry i havent heard of that medicine. I have used Duac and it worked great for awhile. but thats all i know about that. sry!
  7. ugh. im really getting so frustrated w/ ipledge. they just put into effect that stupid thing where you have to be in the program for 31 days before you can be on accutane... which is a bunch of bs. well my doctor didnt know that... and i was supposed to start yesterday... so i did the bloodwork and preg. test and w/e. turns out i have to wait another month. ugh! this is so stupid. i just want to start already. this seriously is a bunch of bull.
  8. heyy! yeah im starting tane as well. but my acne doesnt sound quite as bad as urs. but yeah i cant belive he said u could use differin. you have to be careful w/ vitamins when ur on accutane. it has ALOT of vitamin A. im soo scared for the side effects though. hopefully they wont effect that much. but who knows. well good luck!
  9. realist, i feel exactly how you do and im only 16. ha. i dont go out anymore @ all. people call me and i just make up excuses to not be able to go out. i just sit at home and do nothing. i dont even want a bf i dont feel like meeting new people. ive been crying a lot lately too. i just dont have a passion for anything i used to love anymore. but i heard that was a side effect of the medicine im on so.. idk. it just came out of no where.
  10. ooo danng. i never knew it caused nausea. ugh that makes me just even more excited for this medicine. lol jk. i start tomorrow. wish me luck!