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  1. Wow, major improvement over yesterday! Swelling is down and the scabbing is light. Still redness, but that's easy to cover. It looks like it worked on some of the bumps, but will probably need at least one more treatment session for the center of my chin. I'll wait about a month though, so everything else has time to heal more.
  2. I honestly have no idea if this 2nd treatment helped at all - it acutally seemed to make one of the spots (that was almost flat after the 1st treatment) bigger. I still have a little bit of swelling in a couple spots, so its not totally gone like I thought this morning. At the moment, I'm definitely less happy with how the 2nd treatment went, compared to the first. I'll still give it more time before I decide what the final verdict on this whole process is. I'm afraid to do it again because
  3. Treatment 2, Day 3: looks a little better this morning. The swelling and pain is gone. Mild-moderate flaking and scabbing, and slightly less red. I don't think he zapped the couple of spots that are right in the middle of my chin (which are the ones I really want gone). After a month or so of the rest of this healing, I may go in and ask him to just zap those two spots and nothing else. Hard to gauge bump reduction at this point, since there is still alot of dead skin clinging to the spo
  4. If yours are connected to antibiotic use, it could be fungal folliculitis. It develops when the normal skin bacteria and fungus are no longer in balance, due to the bacteria being wiped out from antibiotic use. This can allow the fungus to grow out of control and lead to small bumps. Are they small and all pretty much the same size? What you've got sounds different from what I am dealing with. I do not see any connection to antibiotic use or diet for me. I actually have had a very good d
  5. Treatment 2, Day 2: Swelling has gone down most of the way, but there is still a little bit. More redness and scabby flaking today, so it doesn't look better - but at least it feels a little less bumpy. One spot is really sore for some reason. Just slathered everything in polysporin again. I actually have to go out today, which I'd rather not!
  6. Man, one side of my chin is looking really awful this time. Its the left side that already has some superficial scarring. It almost seems bumpier that before the treatment right now and is sore. I hope that's just the initial inflammation and it will go away. Worried now that the 2nd procedure might have damaged the skin. Oh, and I think I am revising the amount of improvement from the first treatment. I would say it is more like 50-60% improvement. I don't know if that's worth the additio
  7. Useful Research Phrases and What they Really Mean “It has long been knownâ€â€¦ (I didn’t look up the original reference.) “A definite trend is evidentâ€â€¦ (These data are practically meaningless.) “Of great theoretical and practical importanceâ€â€¦ (Interesting to me.) “While it has not been possible to provide definite answers to these questionsâ€â€¦ (An unsuccessful experiment but I still have to get it published) “Three of the samples were chosen for detailed studyâ€â€¦ (Th
  8. Inflammation is starting to kick in too. Looks like its gonna be a hide out at home kind of day!
  9. 2nd Treatment, Day 1: Ugh, scabbing has started. Here we go again. Hope this all ends up being worth it!
  10. I like EltaMD UV Clear, SPF 46. Its not chalky and it goes on smooth. It is meant for acne prone skin. It contains both zinc and niacinamide, which are very healing and help reduce redness.
  11. Just got back from the derm. He said that there were still some spots left and that he errs on the side of caution when zapping them so as to avoid scarring. He said that he would rather do less than more, so sometimes it requires more than one treatment. He didn't charge me for today's touch up though. The bumps were all smaller and there were fewer of them, so much less to zap today. He said they were more distinct this time, so he could easily see them to zap them. I think when they wer
  12. No, they don't expel or extract. They are enlarged oil glands.
  13. BPO actually penetrates the skin fairly quickly and can start to kill bacteria in a short period of time. I think BPO washes can be somewhat effective for mild inflamed acne, but probably wouldn't be enough on its own for more serious or persistent acne problems. I think other topical ingredients in cleansers (e.g.; salicylic or glycolic acid), are less effective because they are not on the skin long enough to penetrate the skin and have an impact.
  14. So, its been about 3 weeks since the procedure. It did get rid of some of the bumps, but not all of them (at least from what I see). The center of my chin still seems to have some bumps/textural weirdness, along with some residual redness. I called the derm's office yesterday and they said if I didn't have full results that I should come back in and have him take a look. I have an appt with him tomorrow. I don't know if I want to have a 2nd treatment or not. It took almost 2 wks to get to t
  15. I think that the reason might have been to allow for more peeling of the skin, which can loosen the comedones. I don't know if its completely necessary to skip the moisturizer though. As long as whatever you are using isn't contributing to your clogged pores, you can probably keep using it.