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  1. I know, I know. But what other people say really doesn't matter. They can tell me I'm pretty and stuff, but I still see what I see in the mirror at the end of the day. Know what I mean? I know most people in magazines are photoshopped and that "porcelain skin" is almost impossible to achieve. But I have seen girls with damn near close to it. And yes, I really want to get a derm's opinion. Maybe a light to medium peel will help me feel better. I've been contemplating it for years now. I think it'
  2. So honestly my skin is pretty decent. From a bit of a distant it looks almost completely clear and scar free. But when you get up close, you can see I have some issues. I have a couple shallow scars. When I point them out people are just like "what?" though. So they obviously shouldn't be a big deal, but they are to me. Also my pores are noticeable and it bugs me. I have little wrinkles under my eyes that bother me a lot, too. AND BLACKHEADS, ugh. I want that "porcelain clear skin" that I see al
  3. I just started working in a restaurant as a hostess and I feel like I'm the only one there that has acne. All of the girls have clear skin and it makes me feel inferior. I feel like I could be pretty like them if I didn't have acne, but because I do it makes me stand out in a bad way. I want to be a server, too. But I'm like who wants to see an acne faced girl bringing them food! That would probably make them lose there appetite or something. Ugh. I feel like people are gonna think I'm unclean o
  4. my dear, do you remember me? do you still come on this place?

  5. not at all, you are pretty girl. We all feel like crap when we break out but even 'clear skinned" people have insecurities which you may have no idea (example-"I have uch fat ankles, skinny arms, crooked smile") you see? we are our own worst critic. Have you checked out for thyroid problems, or hormonal imbalances? some of your symptoms remind me of these. It cant hurt to find out. Thank you guys so much! I wish this place was like a real life place, or that you guys were my work buddies
  6. Thanks guys! I look better in pictures, though. Trust me. I think I look the worst I've looked in a long time right now, too. My face is breaking out so bad, my hair is getting all dry and brittle, I feel like I'm always bloated, my skin heals so slowly, I sweat too much (gross, I know), my head always feels foggy, etc. I don't understand what is wrong with me! I just got a job and I swear to god it is making me feel worse. The place I got a job at is a bar/restaurant. And the two girls I were
  7. You're gorgeous! If you need someone to talk to, I am hereee! You can even add me on FB if you have one or want toooo.

  8. I'm just so fed up with life right now. Last year at this time I thought I was getting a new start in life. I had just moved to Colorado and was dating an really great guy and things were looking up. But one year later... I'm back to where I was before all that. I don't even have a purpose in life. I haven't gone to college yet, I have no special talents, I'm ugly, I have a super boring personality, and a lot of times I get angry because I'm so down about everything. I have no friends, no boyfri
  9. You're too hot to be on this site.

  10. Water + Green Smoothie.
  11. Birthday ended up being better than I thought it'd be. I realize when I get out and go do things I feel a lot better. Had a few drinks and a good time overall.
  12. Happy Birthday yc! Have a great day. Keep your head up. :) You're beautiful.