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  1. ya poor bugger tks for letting me know anyway and saving me the disappointment... chin up fella!
  2. MOST EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. hi bern as far as i am aware they are exactly the same, wonder why your derm said no? mine prescribes it (obviously) and it saves me $$$. think you should ask her and if there is a good reason i want to know about it.... so we are both steiva a regulars eh?! have you have much dryness? peeling? very good news on your progress - me too!! would definately be the steiva a helping with your scars cause it helps normalise/speed up skin shedding. what state are you in? did you see t
  4. http://www.ellipseklinikken.no/pdf/acne_lancet.pdf Hi all This PDF may take a while to open but its worth a read.... Fingers, toes, you name it, it's all crossed we are getting closer! Sxx
  5. no idea on scar treatments sorry - i dont have any. my acne is hormone related, so i a bit of everything at the same time each month. what about laser treatment though? clearlight treatment is starting here in SA this month too...
  6. ahhh.... see you did answer my question - you use clindamycin as a face wash and thats an antibiotic! i just called the chemist (should have thought of that earlier) and here we can get eryacne which is an antibiotic gel and a few others too - will have to look further into that now im on minocycline (but the cheaper generic brand - akamin) too. what ype of acne do you have?
  7. hi bern im using the stieva-a .05%. started about 3 weeks ago. mines says regular on the tube, so yours being .25% must be strong then eh??? how long u been using it for? you using it with something else too? while stieva-a is topical, i dont think its a topical antibiotic. in the usa they have stuff called benzapak (from memory) which is a topical antibiotic (like clindamycn or erythmycin (?) mixed with benzoyl peroxide and they also seem to have them just by themselves). not su
  8. keep us posted clearlight trialers - very keen to hear your thoughts!
  9. this may sound nasty but trully its not.....reading this thread made me smile...talk about relating to what your saying. im 28, problem started around 25 - sicklingly (if there is such a word) perfect complexion till then. i agree with wishing i had had it as a teen and had grown out of it as some do (i note that this does not apply to all on this thread) i TOTALLY relate to you in hiding this weekend and u say your hubby will be ok with it but i have a question. how does he feel about
  10. nothing to thank me for - we all know how it feels on the bad days. but heres hoping there are more good skin days for both us just around the corner!
  11. hey fella don mclean has a time and place....hope your feeling better! sxx