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  1. Try cleansing your face with an astringent cleanser first then put a primer for oily skin. Try getting matte finish foundations and for sure set it with a setting powder and a setting spray. You will definitely need to touch up your powder during the day in your Tzone but that's only normal if you have oily skin. Prepping the skin is most important in steps to applying makeup. Hope this helps
  2. It's normal. It's just because your nose is very dry. Try to keep it lubricated! Goodluck
  3. Try Nioxin. It's amazing and it smells like Mint! The hair salon I work at recommends that for itchy scalp or if your hair is thinning out. They also have scalp treatments which might help. This shampoo and conditioner combo is made to clean out all the dead skin on your scalp and leaves you with a refreshing feeling on your head.
  4. Have you had swollen hands or stiff hands? My right hands seems to be abit swollen or could it be water retention? I heard someone say it could be an allergic reaction??
  5. Hi!! The same exact thing happened to me in the beginning of my treatment. The pain in my ribs has stopped but the itchiness hasn't. Some days its better than others but it just means your skin is dry and need to be moisturized. Use a good cream like Eucerin. Make sure to drink alot of water. And put Aquaphor on your lips. Hope all is well!
  6. Ditto! I saw that video too. Horrifying. Does anyone know if tweezing your eyebrows is more painful than usual on accutane? No you will be fine tweezing. But no waxing, threading or depilatory creams!!!
  7. I have the same problem. I take 60 mg per day and I'm red on my cheeks and nose. Pretty much looks like I have a sunburn all the time. It could be caused by the sun because even if the UV rays are not as high you're skin is very prone to burning now that you are on Accutane. Just put cold compresses on your face to sooth the redness, that's what I do.
  8. Has anyone experienced swollen hands or fingers on Accutane? Im on month 2 of 60 mg per day. When i try to make a fist it feels swollen and bothers me.
  9. Hi Keri! I'm now on my 37th day of Accutane. I started with 40 mg per day and now I am taking 60 mg per day and I started experiencing dry hair withing the first couple of weeks. Make sure you use hydrating shampoos and conditioners. I use Moroccan Oil. Also, look into a hair mask that you should apply once a week to your ends. Plus, you'll only need to wash your hair once a week anyways because it will no longer become oily!!! After you wash your face you'll notice it's super shiny e
  10. Do you experience itchiness ALL OVER YOUR BODY? I feel so itchy on the top of my hands and my neck. I don't get why since I always moisturize and my face seems to be red all the time like I'm blushing. Maybe also because I am fair in complexion. I'm so glad to hear that you have a set number in how many days you have left!!! Lucky you. Next time you have a huge puss bubble, put hot compress' on it so it opens up your pore and facilitates the puss to come out. My derm boosted me up to 40
  11. You could make a paste with warm water and a Tylenol or Advil whatever you have is fine. Smash the pill in a couple of drops of water and mix until a paste forms. Put the paste on your pimple and the swelling will go down significantly. Keep putting hot compress on it, it will make the lymph(puss) come to the surface so you can remove it.
  12. Hey! I think that you are either late because you are stressed out or it also could be due to the medication. If you are using two methods you should be fine! Don't worry too much about it. Do you have to take a monthly blood test and pregnancy test? Also, you should look into different forms of birth control other than the pill such as the Mirena, the injection, sponge, Diaphragm and so much more. It is super important not to get pregnant while on Accutane due the effects it could have
  13. HI Im new to this so I was looking for someone who could be relatable to what Im going through. Im 21 years old, never had acne in my life only a few on my forehead once and a while but ever since last year Ive been breaking out on my jaw line, chin, back and chest. Im an esthetician so I know how to take care of my skin and what to use but nothing seemed to work. So I saw a dermo and he prescribed me Minocylin....did absolutely nothing for me so I when I went back to see him I asked him