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  1. No you totally just made that up. I never said that :P

  2. Okay well that was weird.. are you sure I'm not a fuck-ass anyway? And I honestly dont remember calling my lion Sweet Chilli Sauce but I like that anyway so I'll keep it :P Now I just gotta find him..

  3. Wtf? What was its name then? And it was pink because it was Pink Floyd (kinda) and The rocky cola.. why all the questions?

  4. Bitch :P Talk to me online sometime and I might show you! And the lions name is Lion, original huh?

  5. I know who you are douche :P I was just wondering how you knew I had new tattoos. I'm up to 6 now, two celtic dragons, a design on my wrist, ankh, pentagram and phoenix. Newest one is the celtic dragon on my calf. How you been homie?

  6. How did you know I had any

  7. I reckon the only kinda foundation that's okay to sleep with on is Mineral Foundation, I heard that MAC Foundation isn't good for acne prone skin though?
  8. I'm a big MAC junkie, I have almost all those colours, I have all the colours you've put in bold and they're all great. I woulda suggested cornflower but it's not on your list, you HAVE to get cornflower at some point it's beautiful. For the other 8 colours I would suggest Polished Ivory, Kelly Green, Bright Fuchsia, Silver, Gold, Copper, Deep Purple and Chartreuse because the others are matte and matte pigments are chalky and hard to work with. The Silver Gold and Copper ones are metallic
  9. I love that moisturizer. Use it two times a day (in the morning and at night) Try aloe vera gel for your red marks
  10. Oh god wherever I go on this site theres some sad sad depressing post from you dog. And it's been that way from the first day you were on here. Stop feeling so sorry for yourself and grow some balls already! Damnit go get a shrink you're not gonna feel any better from crying online to people you dont even know
  11. Dog its not because of your looks that you dont go on dates its because you dont meet girls and the ones you DO meet you're a complete dick to. Yes, you're a dick. Stop being such a dick.
  12. So.. at the end of the five weeks was anyone commenting on your odour? Or more your clear skin
  13. What question??

  14. Duchess


    I got referred to a place to get a scan because of my constant trips to the doctor complaining of period pains. Also I would go 5 months without a period and then have one that lasted 30 days. Really heavy etc. It's still really irregular, and sometimes my period will stop and then a few days later I'll bleed slightly for a few days. I have an appointment with an endocrinologist in 2 months to see whats going on down there. I dont know if you can just book an ultrasound over there, in NZ you hav
  15. Duchess


    Usually you don't get it checked out randomly, they just diagnose you with the possibility of having it and THEN you get checked. It's usually because of painful irregular periods. What are your symptoms?
  16. You're so purdy. And I'm in love with your pussy. Cat. :D

  17. Because I'm evil and my teeth were feeling furry.

  18. Duchess


    I have PCOS and endometriosis. I had an ultrasound done. I had to drink like 5 litres or water or something rediculous. It sucks. I have little strings of cysts that look sorta like pearl necklaces. Pretty! I had surgery done about two years ago. I have pictures of my uterus! Crazy.
  19. I bet he thinks about you every single day of his life.
  20. Duchess


    You could find before and after pictures online to show her maybe? For example, I use Epiderm Microdermabrasion (I love it) They have cool before/after shots. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Health-beauty/Fac...on-83464441.htm Also you could try Aloe Vera gel, that's easy to find.. You're old enough to choose what you want to do with your skin. If you've heard a lot or read a lot of good reviews about it and you can't help but try it, just try it. Whats the worst that could happen?
  21. I bought some of this and it arrived in the mail today. Does anyone else use it? I can't actually get this in New Zealand so I had to get it off ebay and wow it's so lovely. However, I usually have quite pigmented lips but after wearing this all day my lips are sooo pale pink it's just.. weird. It smells soo good and makes my lips feel soft and awesome, but the turning my lips white thing is strange. I just wanted to know how other people found it? Also, it says on the back it can be used on
  22. I love these things! 1)Do you own an ipod? Yup! 2)What kind do you have? If none leave blank. 20gb 3)What color is your ipod? Or if you had one what color would it be? It's white the cover is pink 4)Do you own an mp3 player instead? no 5)What kind of music do you listen to? Everything mainly heavy metal, rock and drum and bass 6)How many times has your ipod broken? 0 times!! 7)How many times has your mp3 player broken? n/a 8)How many songs are on your ipod/mp3 player? Probably only aroun