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  1. Lyssie have you been licking cane toads or sumpthin????:).....you totally said....uh never mind. So what have you been up to lately? Amd how bout a pic of the new tatt. Oh ya are still pookie-cat on MSN?

  2. No you totally just made that up. I never said that :P

  3. Nope, unless you wanna be a fuck ass! but what have you been up to? Oh and you you told me that you named the lion after a some Thai resturant sauce you liked. I think some dude gave you the lion, um i think his name started with an R

  4. Okay well that was weird.. are you sure I'm not a fuck-ass anyway? And I honestly dont remember calling my lion Sweet Chilli Sauce but I like that anyway so I'll keep it :P Now I just gotta find him..

  5. The name was "Sweet Chili Sauce" and cause i had to make sure your not a fuck-ass......alot of strange shit has been goin on in the Org since you been away.Sorry, just need to know if i was dealin with the real deal. My ass got hacked awhile back.

  6. Wtf? What was its name then? And it was pink because it was Pink Floyd (kinda) and The rocky cola.. why all the questions?

  7. BUZZZZZZZZZZZ! Wrong answer about the lions name.....homegurl. Um, what color of blouse did ya wear to the Roger Waters concert? and how bout the name of that cool ass club you use to go to?

  8. Bitch :P Talk to me online sometime and I might show you! And the lions name is Lion, original huh?

  9. Hey there gurlie! have you been rollin in Cali lately? You be sounding like a Socal bimbo. Anyways, i been the same no good for nothing punk as always ;)...do you still roll on MSN? Oh and how bout sending me some pics of your new ink. And i forgot the name of that cute stuffed lion you have, whats the name again?

  10. I know who you are douche :P I was just wondering how you knew I had new tattoos. I'm up to 6 now, two celtic dragons, a design on my wrist, ankh, pentagram and phoenix. Newest one is the celtic dragon on my calf. How you been homie?

  11. WTF! its me the obnoxious A-hole Stefan from Cali.....MSN thingy awhile ago...leather corsets,biker boots, handcuffs, and Subway???? So what kind of ink you get?

  12. How did you know I had any

  13. Oh shit!!! if it isn't my Lyssie from NZ....hope all is well for you.....and I wanna see the new tatts:)

  14. I reckon the only kinda foundation that's okay to sleep with on is Mineral Foundation, I heard that MAC Foundation isn't good for acne prone skin though?