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  1. Very well thought out and logically truthful. Simple information that people cant seem to put into one thought. I agree 100% with all of this. Other things that have helped my skin to look better: (+) = Good (++) = Great (-) = Bad (--) = Horrible ++Fuze Green Tea Drink - DRINK LESS SKIM MILK(I have articles about studies at Stanford proving skim milk causes teens to develop more acne than someone who didnt drink any) ++Tanning (Pros overrule the Cons MAJORLY if the Cons exist. irrita
  2. Acne and Masturbation to me are correllated and from reading ALOT I have come to find out the reason. When you orgasm you lose semen right? You lose zinc when you do this. The zinc loss supposively can trigger acne. So ive found a solution. Saw Palmetto Supplements. Take 2 after masturbation and it will replace most if not all of the zinc you lost. It has been goin good for me. I stopped masturbation for a week while I waited for it in the mail and had blue balls so bad. So now ive masturbated e
  3. Well i've become near 95-100% clear now and havent been to this site in about a year. I use a regimen very similar to the regimen this site supports, but with a lot of other determining factors. Anyways I won't go into detail in this post unless someone wants me to. But I changed my life 179 degrees. From a horrible, loser, hopeless, homebody acne kid to visiting this site and researching acne like it was HIV. Anyways my story is something i'd like to see more of. But onto the topic of my post.
  4. I actually had thought of using it after popping pimples so they would heal faster, but then I always figured it was comedogenic and wasn't sure so I didn't try it. I might try it when I only have like 1 spot.
  5. I use this as part of my regimen. I also have a regular 5% rub in bp in case I have spots that I want to try and reduce it in size, redness, and stuff overnight. I use 2% salycic acid Phisoderm wash, the neutrogena mask for 3 1/2 minutes everyday. It says only use it like as amask for up to 5mins like every 3 days or something but trust me that never works. I do 3 1/2 minutes in morning and night and it works great and i've been using it for so long. Salycic acid in combo with it makes it like a
  6. Very well said Parker. That about sums it up. And back to my signature.
  7. Were not saying your direct purpose for visiting these boards is to do that. All he was saying is that maybe your opinion suggests problems of your own with a pale skin complexion caused by your lack of melanin or just plain lack of time in the sun. You cannot argue about the self esteem factor of tanning, atleast enought to get some nice color in you. You are not disguising your acne, because in fact it is the scars and redmarks that I feel tanning is the most helpful to disguise. If you are pa
  8. Well to update u guys on my current condition. I basically popped all the pimples successfully finishing the last small one off yesterday. And today i was able to pull off 2 of the scabs with a fast fading red mark. The one i popped yesterday has reduced dramatically and will be 100% gone in about 2 days which is great. It all pulled together today. I continued my regimen throughout this whole week and drank enough water, ate no foods with more than 8g of sugar in them. Just because my cereal ha
  9. over the weekend I suddenly broke out with what looked like 2 cysts, 2 1/2 whiteheads(or they were 2 big whiteheads and 2 small/medium whiteheads). I haven't had anything like this in atleast 10months. I'm trying to find the cause of my breakout though. At first it started as one cyst like red bump below my chin near the right middle top of my neck. Then it went on to make one a bit small on left lower side of my chin. Then a white head and small other can up about mid right of my mouth. And th
  10. I would just like to put some words in on this. Actually a lot in on this. As I have a huge opinion about this and I read a few of the replies and people seem to be all over the board. To this point I have never done any SCIENTIFIC research on the subject of Tanning Beds/Natural Sun affect on acne. My opinion on this is that is that if you get burnt on your face when you tan, wether it is natural or from a tanning bed, your acne has a high chance of being affected primarily because of irritation
  11. So supposing all girls don't suck. How do you explain the last 3 I have dated and last 7 I have tried to date. :-k My attitude is i'm so hott that they will be thinking I want to F#$* him. I have no problem with being nice or saying they suck, because they are both. As I said, two-faced. I'm suprised there is more than a couple replies to this post. I'll let you know how it goes tommorow when this girl comes over to my house. I can't wait. / No more flames, more funny pictures tho.
  12. You're never good enough for girls. They are evil. Stay away from them. The stab in the back will come after your best moments with them. When getting into the game you gotta go in with caution, and take everything they say with a grain of salt. I am living in a world of anger and jealousy. For all of you out there obsessing over some girl.. stop.. ask yourself, how would I feel if one day this girl turned on me for no apparent reason. Not good i'm guessing, so stop obsessing, and dont give that